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My glosso has grown a bit out of control, it started growing towards the surface and took off like crazy after my plecos knocked it loose from the sand that it is growing in so i want to sell some of it.

It is grown in high light with CO2 , root tabs and some minimal dry ferts.

as for the quantity you will get.. i stopped counting at 100 nodes. they has good root systems but it is broken into 4 pieces, 1 of which is close to 12 inches long. but in no time it will make a great carpet

i would like to ship them within the next few hours if anyone is interested. Im asking $20 shipped (continental US) will ship in small flat rate box

WARNING: i only except paypal, there is snails,shirmp, and some duckweed in my tank. im not responsible for DOA of plants, shrimp, or snails
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