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Hi all - long time no talk!

Last year I was setting up my 100 gallon display as a vivarium for poison dart frogs. I got the background made and added in; I put river rocks on the bottom and covered it with fabric and window screen, then added in my dirt mixture. I had a few plants in there for a while, I was planning on saving up to get my frogs.
Unfortunately, my chronic health issues sort of crashed and I was extremely ill for the better part of the last year. The tank project was abandoned and has now just been sitting there for several months.
Part of me says to sell it - it's been empty for so long and is a bit of an eye sore at the moment. But the other part of me loves it way too much to sell it, and wants to do something with it!

So, I was hoping you all might have some ideas. I would love suggestions as to what could be done with this tank. Vivarium, terrarium, aquarium, whatever - suggest anything! If I go with someone's suggestion here, I will probably do a photo-journal to document setting it up.

My requirements are that it would have to be easy to maintain, and not horribly expensive. I don't have the time or money to do water changes in an aquarium, or buy critters that are $30+ each. I am, however, willing to buy or build an automated misting system or something along those lines if necessary. :)

Can't wait to see what ideas you wonderful folks have!! :grin2:
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