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Thanks so much for this journal, terrific read. I've gone through most of this as well just on a bigger scale as my first modern planted tank was a 50 gallon and I've gone up to a 180 gallon over the 18 or so years I've had a tank up continuously. My excuse for the light thing is I started out with a 25 watt incandescent which cannot grow plants if you believe the nonsense that sunlight will boil the water and grow algae and keep the tank as far from natural light as possible!

The internet is the only reason I have an okay looking planted tank. I learned modern day planted tank stuff from back issues of FAMA at the public library, that's a couple pages that mostly repeated month to month, that was more up to date than the few picture books the library and book store had. First APD and I got a handle on fertilizers and light and CO2 to a certain extent then TPT for all the journals and discussions with pretty and not so pretty photos.
1 - 1 of 228 Posts
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