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That really was a great read and I'm sure many people can relate to your entire journey including myself. It's easy to be new to this hobby and get frustrated when you go through these struggles and see pictures of perfectly manicured, well layed out planted tanks that others have. But the thing that people need to understand is that anyone that says that they haven't had struggles with algae at one point or another is either lying or haven't been doing it long enough yet to have the pleasure of experiencing the frustration of an algae outbreak.

I have been involved in the aquarium hobby for almost my entire life as I was introduced to it by my father that use to breed many different fish in the 70's and 80's. I have kept many different types of setups from African cichlids, freshwater, brackish water tanks and almost a decade in reef tanks before trying my luck at planted tanks. I was always looking for a new challenge and wanting to learn something new when I decided to try a freshwater planted tank. I thought that it couldn't be that difficult, after all I use to keep a successful reef tank and if I could keep a slice of the ocean in a glass box how hard could keeping plants alive be. I mean all plants really need is water, lights and nutrients right? Well as simple as that may sound I was quickly proven wrong. There is many other factors and variables that I learned along the way and I would be a liar if I told you that I have it all figured out still. I'm always learning from other hobbyists experiences and I don't ever think I will be to the point where I feel like I've learned all I can when it comes to this hobby.

Thanks again for this great post and you can find some pleasure in knowing that many others will read this and be able to relate. And for some it might just give them the motivation in knowing that if they're committed and persistent they can end up having a successful planted tank as well.
1 - 1 of 228 Posts
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