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10 month old 20" Fugeray craped out

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I got home from work today to have an issue with my Finnex light. I have never had issues with any of my Finnex lights, until today. The light was purchased on May 31st, 2013, so it is just over the warranty. I am pretty upset, since these lights are expensive, and as we all know, money doesn't grow on trees.

If anyone else has had this happen, did Finnex do anything about? Do they even care?

I was planning to get a few more lights from them, but I may look elsewhere. I am very disappointed in it, and hope something good will come from it, but it really has ruined my day.
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why don't you try contacting them and seeing what they say first, before badmouthing them as a company?
why don't you try contacting them and seeing what they say first, before badmouthing them as a company?
I don't see any bad mouthing in his post. Just venting frustration. Don't make silly comments. He wants to know if anyone else has experience with warranty after expiration.
So with good companies it has been my experience that they will honor a warranty even well beyond it fulfillment date. For instance, the place I buy tires for my car replaced one of my tires under warranty even after the warranty had expired for four months, since then I've always went to that company and refer all my friends there as well.

I believe Finnex will do something similar, since they are a well known company they will want to provide excellent customer service, and since the light has had a complete failure this early in it's life you probably just got one with a tiny fault in the one you got, if I have to guess they will be more than happy to replace it for you.

why don't you try contacting them and seeing what they say first, before badmouthing them as a company?
Obviously someone did not take enough time to read the post correctly and in it's entirety before attempting to jump in and making wrongful accusations.
I thought the warranty was 180 days which would put it well over the warranty period. Anyway, I agree, you should contact them and see what they'll do for you before complaining. Stuff breaks, its how often and how its handled that's most important. Good luck, I hope they help you out and let us know how it goes.
Unless you put 50,000 hours on LEDs.

Sorry if it sounds like I am badmouthing the company. I was in no way trying to do that. I own 4 other finnex fixtures and plan to add more, if they last longer than 10 months.

I did contact finnex, but haven't heard anything back yet. I just didn't know if anyone else experience this, and how it was handled.

Also, I never clarified, but the fixture wont turn on. not even a flicker of light. I am assuming the driver is bad, or I have a lose wire. I would like to open the fixtiure up to see if it is as simple as a lose wire, but don't want to further the damage.

Any thoughts fellow TPT members?
Wish you good luck with your warranty issue. Best case scenario they fix it and you pay shipping. Being out of warranty any fix plus shipping may be as expensive as a new fixture.
It could be a lot of things but not turning on at all sounds like a power supply. See of it feels warm anywhere. Also, could be the board. I wonder if each led it wired in series or parallel? It'd be interesting to see if one goes if they all go; I kind of doubt it'd be wired that way but who knows? I guess worst case they don't help you and you can try to fix it and maybe learn how it works.
Contact them and let us know what they say. If they do something, great. They don't really have to though. I think they usually treat this community pretty good. Good luck.
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