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Had this tank running for the last 15 months. It has always been a low light, low energy setup with java fern and Anubias as the main plants in the layout.

This was my first attempt at a layout and semblance of a scape. Dimensions 12”x9”x9”, Fluval stratum soil, some golden coloured sand, Chihiros C series light with external timer and dimmer, a small sunsun hob with pumice stones and sponge filter media.

It was a difficult tank to keep clean. The miniature tank and layout meant that there were sections I was never able to reach to keep clean.

Housed some CPDs for a little bit of time, they all eventually disappeared/ died.

The tank eventually held only a breeding colony of cherry shrimps.

At one point completely engulfed in algae. Irregular maintenance and too much of lighting was the cause of the algae.

It was getting boring after a while, plus the urge to try a newer layout using the tank and materials and I finally took down the tank yesterday.

This is the final picture from this tank.

Take down pics

Did a bleach dip on plants from the tank, the Anubias will go into my other tanks. The java fern I am not sure what I am going to use it for. The moss I got rid off.

Tank emptied and rinsed but prior to deep cleaning

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