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This tank has been going since October. The plants except for hornwort are planted in Miracle Grow Organic Choice potting mix.
I dose Seachem Flourish Trace Elements twice a week, and I do 20% water changes once a week.

Filters: Tetra Whisper EX 20 and Tetra Whisper EX 45.
I like a well filtered tank.
Lighting: Finnex Stingray LED 20"
Heater: Tetra 100 watt

Plants I know are:
Bundle of Hornwort
2 Banana Plants
Several Vals that need trimmed halfway down the tank once a week as they are usually an inch or 2 above the water by that point.

1 Cholla wood
2 Rocks I found in driveway

5 Glofish surprisingly all made it in the picture.
1 Ghost Shrimp
2 Amano Shrimp
1 Pleco will move to my larger tank when he gets bigger.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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