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Just a suggestion, just try one species first. Optimise everything for that animal. That way you don't have too many variables to tweak for.

Focus on the non-living things you need for your tank - equipment which physically and practically needs to fit your tank, hardscape, and substrate. Usually, you can fit a lot less in the tank than you might expect.

Then plants. Pick two or three plants that are going to fit with your animals. You'll have multiple stems or divisions of each plant that you can arrange in your aquascape. I found out the hard way you will fill the available space in your tank very quickly! Make sure the substrate is suitable for your plants to be easily planted. Plant them before adding water.

Water ... what is your tap water like? What water tests do you have? What additives or processes (if any) are needed to treat your water before adding it to the tank?

Once this is all done, you will have a long time to cycle your tank. During that time you can plan your animals. What are their specific needs? Who is the best supplier for them? Source the advice that you need to get the right match of species with your tank setup. This forum contains a lot of content in the form of advice to aquarists who've been down the same path as you.
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