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10 gallon shrimp garden.

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So I'm just jumping back into the hobby. I use to have a few different types of aquariums ranging from dario dario species only planted to nano reefs with the only permanent inhabitants mantis shrimp, which were purposely bought, fascinating animals. 10 gallon tank with a LED light fluval c02 (the dinky little cartridge setup) and plants of which some I know, others I dont. some dwarf baby tears for foreground that needs to grow in, water sprite which looks like it got mangled by some of the shrimp... My guess the amanos. Odd because they messed with some leaves and left new healthy ones. The background plant that reminds me of a foxtail grows incredibly fast and the cherries seem to love it.

difference is the foxtail like plants growth and the adition of some other background plants.

blue neo

one of the 5 amanos.

The tank has 8 cherries, 5 amanos and 3 blues so far, May be picking up 20 cherries or so today and then leave them do to do their thang.

Apologies for the bad iphone cam photos. Doesnt help that my phone case is dirty from work either.
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Are you planning on the blues and cherries interbreeding? I'm afraid you'll just end up with muddled lines and wild-type looking neos. Just a thought, you may want to stick to one or another.
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Well I've been having a couple thoughts about that. If I do decide to just breed pure lines I surely will set up a 20 long and divide it. That being said I do like the looks of the wild ones. I understand the blues and reds are sought after but something about natural look has always appealed to me. Always preferred the plakat bettas to the veils or crowns. And with that natural look comes the better ability to hide from predators. So...

one of those thoughts is to add a male scarlet badis to the tank just to see if my theory about tha natural colored neos is right. but that would be once the shrimp population is just ridiculous
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