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Just thought I'd start another tank journal for my 10 gallon which was set up ~4 days ago. It looks much prettier than my 40 gallon (Most likely because of experience and cost).

I have 21 Stems on S. Repens on the way for carpeting :)

Don't ask for plant names because I have no idea :)

Fluorite and generic petco sand

3 Pregnant Guppies
1 Male Guppy

2 Amano shrimp
4 Fire Shrimp "Super Red Cherry"
1 Crystal Black
1 Blue (Don't remember name)

I used a CFL clamp on idea, but installed two 800 lumen 5000k led's, which I would classify as a high light. (I'd be happy to answer questions on my lighting)

Flourish Comp, Leaf Zone, Excel, API tabs, and API Water Conditioner.

Well Thanks! I'll update every once in a while :) :nerd:
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