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Hey, so it's been a while since I've had any type of aquarium since graduating and starting work, about 8-9 years would be my guess! Given the lockdown and everything going on, I decided now would be a good time to get back in the hobby to make use of all my free time and have a distraction, so here it is.

Almost everything I got was very much on impulse and from stores available to me locally, and everything else I couldn't get ordered online.

10g WaterBox rimless tank
Fluval Plant 3.0 light
Finnex PX-360 filter
GLA paintball CO2 regulator
Fertilizer set from GLA
Fluval Fluorite, a bag of sand and a bag of standard

Crypt Parva
Erio Sulawesi
Fissidens Splach

For the scape, I'm just using four pieces of dragon stone I got from my local shop.

So here's what's up.
I planted the HC and Crypt Parva on Monday (8/24), and the Erio and Fissidens the day after (8/25). The HC and Crypt Parva were grown in a tissue/gel substrate, so I was ready for some initial die off after planting. I was less worried about the Erio and Fissidens. As expected, I saw the HC and Crypts melt a lot, but have started seeing some bounce back today. The Erio and and Fissidens haven't really been changing too much since planting, but it hasn't even been a week yet so I'm not expecting anything.

For the light, CO2, and ferts, I have the lights fully on for 11 hours a day, CO2 following the same schedule as the lights, and dosing ferts once a day.

Only took a few pictures so far. Foreground is HC, back left is the Crypt Parva, back right is the Erio, and I kind of just stuffed the Fissidens into the holes on the larger two rocks on the right side.

Thanks for checking in and will post updates when progress is made!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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