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10 Gallon Rock Scape, HC, 96W CF

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10 Gallon
96 Watt C.F. 10,000k
ADA Aquasoil
Pressurized JBJ
Glass diffuser
Zoo Med Canister Filter (output pipe shortened for left side of aquarium)
Zebra Rock




Growing HC emersed first. Possibly adding more background rocks (tough up hardscape). Then add shrimp and 1 nice school of fish...

Looking for input on type of shrimp/school of fish.

Thinking maybe a dwarf rasbora school and a few red crystal/2 oto.

I know red crystal or touchy but... with a stabilized 10 gallon planted tank I'm sure they'll do just fine.

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I think I really need some BIG rocks in the back...
looking good hopefully your hard scape stays hilly, my last tank i tried to do something like your and now its all but flat
Looks good!!! I need some scapeing stones. :( Does anyone have any stones that they would recommend that I could find at a local rock yard?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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