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I've started working on a 10 gallon setup for the living room. Building a custom stand so that it looks nice, conceals the piping, light, cords, etc. I also want to be able to put a houseplant or two on top of the stand above the tank as well. I'm building the frame iut of 2x4s and skinning with plywood. I realize it's total overkill for a tank this size but 2x4s are cheap and easy to build with. And there will be absolutely no question of stability or structural integrity.

Heres the list of plants I have on order to add to this tank:
Dwarf Sag
Monte Carlo
Fissidens Fontanus
Hygrophilia Corymbosa 'Comptacta'
Hydrocotyle japan
Bacopa Monnieri
Rotala indica
Brazilian Pennywort
Hydrocotyle Sib.
Rotala 'Gia Lai'
Buce Pink Bilblis
Buce Brownie Phantom
Buce Belindae
Buce Lamandau Mini
Buce Mini Coin

For fish, going with 3 pea puffers.

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If you're interested in houseplants on to of the stand, is not that much of a lepk to setup a remote riparium and use the plants as an extendee part of your tank. Take a look at my tank thread in my signature for what I've got setup. Mine did right on top of my tank, but if you're building your stand you could easily extend the plumbing to lift it up onto your shelf
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