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I am downsizing my office aquarium from a 20G to a 10G....reason is my 20G is a rather beat up acrylic, and I have a brand new 10G kit waiting to be used that was given to me some time ago. It will also be easier to do upkeep on the 10G with only a bucket and a siphon so Im not bothered by the downsize.

I have re-homed all of the fish and plants to my own setups or to friends. So this is a blank slate.

The tank has an incandescent hood which I will use some 15watt daylight CFLs in. I want to keep it simple and only do a betta with a few small corydoras such as Panda and some fancier nerite snails. My question is what stems would do well in this lighting? I want to also keep this easy with some crypts for color, easy stems, and maybe try some Buce as Ive never kept it. I dont plan to inject CO2 or Metricide(however I have a gallon and can certainly do so), I also will only be doing 1X per week Flourish fertilizing.

Is anyone still using these incandescent hoods with CFLs? If so how have your growth results been?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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