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Hello everyone! My first post and nice to be a part of this awesome forum :) I have learned ALOT here the last few days reading!

I have a few tanks and only last week though to try planting one..
I have a love for gardening so I am not sure why I haven't tried it before lol. I think I assumed it would be too complicated. But I am just going to go slow and work with what I have (and try to find good deals on things, this is so expensive already!) lol

So, here is a pic of my ten gallon tank just planted...(the right side)
Im not happy with some of the layout; I wish I had more of a natural look but I will slowly change things I guess

I put tabs under the sand and bought a mini co2 unit. I haven't used it yet because I was deciding if I would take it back and maybe try the paintball thing
Also have some ferts Ive been adding.
There are ***ty incandescent bulbs on the hood (got the tank on kijiji used) that I want to change out but I think I will make sure to get some good algae eaters before I beef all that up
I do have a sunblaster T5 ballast setup in my basement for when I grew kale indoors; Ive thought of hanging that above it. It would be way too big though and look kind of ridiculous or overkill i think...have to decide soon
Just hopefully my plants stay alive until I can get this sorted out lol!


Bump: Here are some shots of my other tanks that I haven't planted yet...
The large one I would love to aquascape but i am 'babysitting' it for a friend that left the province for a few months :( I will have to see if she ever comes back for it, maybe it will eventually be mine >:)

The other is another 10 gallon with tetras that I am quite excited to get some plants in also



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