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Hi guys, this is my first tank journal, though not my last.

I found this old metaframe for the obligatory $10 on Craigslist in my area along with a whole bunch of very old aquarium equipment (will post photos later). I think this particular one is from the early sixties and I really love the look. It also came with it's original hood, still working. I replaced the two 15w incandescent bulbs, tested the tank, found no leaks, and excitedly hardscaped and flooded it.

...and it promptly started to flood my kitchen.

After much research, I decided that the best bet for me was to buy a glass piece to fit over the slate bottom and reseal it with silicone, as most of the tar-like sealant had dried out and flaked off. I did an absolutely terrible job of siliconing (my first time):

But it held water!

Resealed and rescaped without enough thought:

Eventually, my peacock gudgeon jammed himself in the hole in that shell and I had to cut him out with wire snips. The shell went promptly into the trash.

As things stand now, because I didn't actually attach the moss to the wood, it's sort of... floated away. My wisteria is slowly melting (still not sure what happened there, I dose with Flourish every week and it's getting enough light.) I'm just really not in love with this tank and would love some input.

Flora: anacharis, java moss, wisteria (dying)
Fauna: 2 amano shrimp, 6 pygmy cories, 3 celestial pearl danio (more on order from lfs), 1 male scarlet badis, 1 peacock gudgeon
Lighting: 2 x 15w incandescent in original hood
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