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10 Gallon Low Tech Nano

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Trying to make this as low tech as possible.
Tank is a 10 gallon with aquaclear30 and a finnex planted+. For now I have the background setup with a variety of ferns and some moss with some Anubias nana petite. I threw in some crypts willisi lucens I hope they do okay they seem kind of melted. Anyways, here's the first pictures of the beginning of this scape
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Pulled out the java moss and decided to try out dwarf hair grass and Monte Carlo. Who said you can't grow it in low tech? It's been 3 weeks and the hair grass is throwing runners. The Monte Carlo is rooting with slow growth but at least it hasn't deteriorated
Found a tiny stem of sp Japan in a clump of java moss and its taking off
Finally damn anubias petite throwing some signs of growth haha no joke this thing grows slow.
Added 3 galaxy raspboras and they've been super active
This one is kinda chubby could it be a female?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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