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10 gallon lighting

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I am new to this forum and new to planted tanks. I have a ten gallon tank that has been running for 4 weeks and I am wondering if my light will be ok. It is a single 18" flourscent light hood
modified to fit two 18" t8 bulbs. My bulbs are 15 watts a piece and one is a ultra sun 6500k
And the other is a ocean sun 10000k my tank is a standard ten gallon any help or suggestions would be grate.
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thats PLENTY of light depending on reflectors
good reflectors = med/high
white paint = med youll need some ferts and CO2

what plants do you want to grow?
I put the aluminium tape inside both of my light fixtures
I have java fern, crypt parva, baby tears, I belive I have a narrow leaf sward,micro hair grass,
Moss ball, and a semi aquatic plant that is prolly gona die but is very alive right now.
I am dossing. One ml of excell every other day. I don't plan on using co2 but not a problem if I have to
That is a lot of light in a 10 gallon. there is at most 6'' of water that needs to be penetrated by the light before it reaches the plants.That ammount of light should be totaly fine for your selected plants but with that much light you may need co2. and the leaves on the java fern may be a lil lightly colored.
I had one 18'' t8 bulb with a reflector on my 15 gal.L. and it was closer to med light.
i have since upgraded to a 75 gallon with 2,48''t5s. my plant selection is simmilar to yours and they do fine.
With that lighting you may want to consider Co2. Its not mega high but its up there for a 10g :)

I never thought of adding tape to help the reflectors! Thanks for the idea. woot woot
Thanks for the info I think I am gona try co2 then because I love the way my tank looks when it is lit up
My java fern is in the back of my tank out of the direct light because I had read that they don't like high lite so hop fully they will be ok. The tape I used I bought from lowes it was like seven bucks but worth it
I also made my own moon light from a led strip from auto zone and a twelve volt power supply from
Radio shack and I can adjust the output of the voltage from 3 to 12 volts it allows me to choose how bright I want my moon lite its also has a 15 amp auto in line fuse. I don't think it will do anything for my tank but it looks cool
Nice, what are the benefits of having the moon light? I have heard that there are some fish that spawn during dawn/dusk does this have something to do with your reasoning?
I just like the way they look and the fish I have seem to be more active when its on
I think you likely have low medium light, where CO2 is optional, but CO2 is always good for the plants, no matter how much light you have. What substrate do you have, and are you using substrate fertilizer tabs? You need both light and nutrients to grow the plants well.
I have my tank set up with caribsea super naturals and I am not using substrate fert tabs just excel 1 ml every other day
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