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10 gallon first attempt

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Here is my 10 gallon freshly planted on 12-7-07:

And here it is last night:

Let me know what you think!
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i like the selection of the plants, but there doesn't seem to be any focal point to the aquascape. i'm no expert, but i think the better planted tanks have a "scene" built into them which entices the visual senses...

i think you have a great start and there's lots of potential!! i too am a beginner and will hopefully have some pics of my first attempt 10 gal soon. keep us updated.
I like the second pic with the red plant in the center. The back ground you added in my opinion makes the tank very busy. Are those Java ferns or new leaves off the plant with big leaves? Can you name what plants you have in there. I could then get a better idea of growth and height of those plants also. We might be able to suggest how to trim to get a nice balance with the plants the plants you have. What is the light you are using? Is the tank filtered? Are you just going to have plants or fish also? Is this going to be a low tech set up or C02? Let us help get you through "New tank syndrome"

Remember we only make suggestions if you like the tank the way it is leave it that way. It is great sport to watch the changes in the next weeks, months and year. Hope you are having fun. Your plants look healthy after the several weeks being in the tank. So you are doing right by them. If you are planning to add fish then your plants will help cycle the tank. I would add nano fish so you can have a nice small school. Here is a web site that list some Nano Fish. Are you planning on adding something to take care of the algae? Like nerite snails or Otos?
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Yeah, I am planning on removing the background and replacing it with just a black background. The front plants are Java Ferns, with the Rhizome about an 1/8" out of the substrate, I do plan on putting in a piece of driftwood in there for the ferns and anubias. Here are my list of plants: Java Ferns, Anubias Barteri Nana, Armoricia Aquatica 'Rorippa', Cryptocoryne Lutea, Cryptocoryne Wendtii, Ozelot Sword, Heteranthera Zosterfolia Stargrass, Lysimachia nummularia. Right now there is only a male and female sword, but I have some Cherry Shrimp on order. Lighting is the regular ol' 15 watt flourescent but a compact flourescent is in my future as well as DIY CO2.
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