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Such a rare, misunderstood, and yet beautiful fish they are.

I have one, a male, currently. Just one. So, I ordered 6 more. They'll be here... sometime.

So, with 7 emerald dwarf danios (edds) I would think I'd have a female in there somewhere, right?

Their tank will be a 10 gallons. I would like to divide it to keep males on one side, females on the other.

I'd also like to do marbles on the bottom to help shelter the eggs from hungry adult edds.

The parents would be conditioned on daphnia and micro-worms or baby brine shrimp.

The young would be fed on infusoria, brine shrimp, and my four worm cultures (micro worms, banana worms, walter worms, and vinegar eels).

I would kind of like to divide the tank into 3 parts so I could breed 3 different pairs of adults at once. If my numbers turn out like that, that is.

I probably won't run a filter on the tank. Water changes should work fine.

The adults will be moved to either my 5 gallon (preferably not) or another 10 gallon.

But, this is all in the beginning stages.

Stage one:
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