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10 gallon cfl question

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well the bug bit me and now im setting up a 10 gallon low tech. im going to be using MTS and a 23watt cfl with a silver shop light reflector for the lighting.

my questions -

is one light enough or should i have 2 lights?

how high do i raise the light to give me Low light levels?
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I would start at 6-8" above the water line and adjust accordingly.
I run the same bulb over a 10 gallon but I DIYed the bulb into a standard hood fixture with a foil reflector. Definitely enough light for low light plants. I have moss and Java Fern thriving. It sits directly on top of the tank and I don't have any algae problems. Tank has been running for about 6 weeks...
With the bulb in a work light mounted vertically above the tank it should be about 18-20 inches above the substrate. See At that height one light is probably enough, but 2 would give more uniform lighting.
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