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10 Gal rescape

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so I've had this tank for a while and I've never really liked any of my layouts, but I finally put together a good one and i'm super happy with it.

1x Female sail fin molly
2x Mosquito fish
4x Red Cherry Shrimp(one is berried and i'm crossing my fingers they survive)

Java Moss
Java Fern
a small Anubis
Crypt Parva in the foreground

Top picture is the "before", never really liked that though. And if you're wondering the water bottle contraption it was just for polishing the water a little bit faster. The fish and shrimps were hanging out in a 5 gal bucket and I wanted to get them back in their tank asap.

Let me know what you think! I'll try to update every few weeks and show the process :laugh2:


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Learned that the crypt parva is the slowest growing plant in the world so apparently my carpet idea is out the window lol why do i even listen to anyone at the LFS smh. I did add some stem plants to the left to sorta hide the filter a bit more. Not 100% what they are just some trimmings from my 20 gal. also ignore the shell, I didnt have anywhere to put it and I dont wanna get rid of it so it's just chillin here lol


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