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10 gal algae tank

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I set up this 10 g tank almost a year ago. It has 5 CPDs and 2 otos in it. The PH is 7.5-8, NO2 is 0 and NO3 is around 10 (ppm). I had a serious BGA problem for a time, that I finally researched and cured with erythromycin. Everything was peachy for a few weeks after that, but then multiple algaes started growing and now they're taking over. I do weekly water changes (about 20%) during which I vacuum the surface of the substrate. I feed sparingly. I fertilize with root tabs. My light is a 15w GE Aqua Rays that came with the hood when I got the tank. I'm not sure what the PAR is (no meter). I have crypts, java ferns, anubias petite, fissidens and dwarf sag. Any advice on what I might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated; I'm not sure if I have too much light for my low light plants or if it's not enough...or if that's even the problem? I can post some pics later if it helps (gotta u/l them to photobucket first). Thanks
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Looks like Thread or Hair algae, which usually come together. What is your lighting schedule? What sort of filter do you have? What root tabs?

Get a cheapo toothbrush and collect up as much as possible. I do not know exactly what causes it, but typically algae is caused by an in-balance in nutrients, too much lighting in low tech, poor tank maintenance.
Lights are on for 6.5-7 hrs a day, filter is a HOB rated for 20gal with sponge and bioblocks (no carbon) and the tabs are osmocote gel tabs.
Where did you get the tabs from?

I would start by manually removing the algae. Maybe reduce the light to 5 hours a day. Is there any significant direct sunlight?

What are the rest of your water parameters?
That algae looks well settled in, to be completely honest, there could be many issues, but I would either think the root tab is entering the water column or your fert regime is not working for your setup(maybe the plants are utilizing the root tabs well).
I think you should consider if cutting your losses with this current setup would be a better option, as recovering could be more costly when algae has such a strong presence. Perhaps save what you can and start over and try to minimize as many variables as possible and start with more plants initially so algae doesn't get such a strong foothold, lots of cleaners would also help.
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