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1 t5

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so i really want to do 1 t5HO over my tank. its a 75 gal, currently with 2 t5HO co2 and ei regimine, im tired of throwing plants away, i tried selling in swap n shop but one one bites anymore.

so will there be any issues with my plants using one t5HO over a 75gal?
can i still use ei regimine, or do i have to change it up?
do i have to lower the co2 also?
what would you reccomend?
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Most two bulb fixtures won't work with just one bulb - apparently the bulbs are wired in series. Why not sell that fixture and get a Coralife 2 bulb T5NO fixture, which would give you about the same amount of light, but with two bulbs, there would be less shading of plants. The possible problem you might have is that a 75 gallon tank is 18 inches front to back depth, and a single, or even double bulb fixture doesn't give very uniform lighting over the whole substrate.

You could dose the same fertilizers as with EI, but dose less and less often. Dosing once a week would work well. You can use as much CO2 as you wish, but lowering it a little would ease the stress on the fish, and do just as much good for the plants.
cool hoppy, so dosing once a week with ei with one t5HO will be ok. just lower the co2 a bit.

i have a catalina fixture, i tried it with one bulb and it worked!
keep in mind ther fixture is 3x54. i did the test with the 2 bulbs side. and it still worked with one bulb.
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