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Hi all! Wanted to poll the brain trust to pull together a compiled list of best schooling fish for a new iwagumi 30G long tank :)

I put below what I’m optimizing for and what I’m thinking right now. Would love for the group to add 1) any fish I may be missing 2) any pros/cons below that aren’t consistent with your experience 3) any recommendations/opinion welcome on which fish to go with!


Here’s what I’m optimizing for:

#1 (by far) schooling behavior - tight, directional schooling behavior (ideally in the top half of the tank)
#2 color - a nice looking fish that goes well against lush, green carpet and dark hardscape
#3 size - the smaller the better so I can fit more in the tank
#4 hardiness - a fish that is tough that won’t require endless care, and can withstand hard water

Here’s what at the top of my list so far and why:

#1 eyespot rasbora / emerald eye rasbora
Pros: very tight schooling, very small, hardy
Cons: not very vibrant color

#2 espei rasbora / lamb chop rasbora
Pros: beautiful colors, relatively small and hardy
Cons: not quite as great a schooler as eyespot rasbora

#3 rummy nose tetra
Pros: excellent schooling behavior (although a little lower than ideal)
Cons: quite large, drab color (and don’t like the red spot)

#4 danio twinini
Pros: GORGEOUS fish, small
Cons: not as great at schooling as above options

#5 anything else? I’m not so interested in neons/cardinals, but welcome suggestions and recommendations!

Bump: Adding images of tank - apologies for glare!

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Brilliant rasboras
Pro: school nicely, though not quite 100% directionally
Con: slightly bigger than previous mentions

Glass Catfish
Pros: super unique
Super tight, highly directional schooling
Con: much larger than popular tetras (3-4"), though still good in larger tanks

I'll be watching this thread too, as I'm looking for some more good tight-schooling fish as well.
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