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$1 oto at petsmart

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was just at petsmart today and notice they are having some of their community fish on sale, not sure if this is everywhere but in san diego they are having the sale... $1 oto and neon tetra's and some other fish pleco also $1
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true true... i dont live in most places so i rather say it where i know its at rather then claiming its every where xD
Petsmart is almost always having some fish for $1 each, but this is the first time I've seen so many of the bottom feeders on the list. I got some pepper corydoras and some albino corydoras last night :D Happy Birthday to me!
oh yea they where on the list too.. glad u stopped in... i dont work for them just saying at least someone took my tip lol. I would have gotten the cory too but my take is filled with shrimps xD which i'm sure the cory would love a free shrimp buffet but i wouldnt =P
I work for them and they always have the same fish rotation for sales. Guppies. Platies. Mollies. Then algae eaters and cichlids and Cory's. Then schooling fish and back again.

I wish they'd put the electric rams on sale half price lol. 20$ for one and it's not that blue. Forget it lol
Well then somehow I missed them being on the rotation before - or just didn't like corydoras enough to notice it before!
If this is happening at my local store I am going to get 5 new ottos!
They just had a buy4-get2 free sale so you could buy 4 Otos and get 2 free. Applies to any fish as long as it's equal or lesser value.
They just had a buy4-get2 free sale so you could buy 4 Otos and get 2 free. Applies to any fish as long as it's equal or lesser value.
never heard petsmart doing this cause i got 10 oto... i want my money back xD lol 10 for $10.80 not bad... and these are not babys too they are fully grown
The Petsmart near me usually has decent fish... I'll have to check them out later.
Just scooped up the last ten my local store had.
I just picked up 3 more to add to 3 existing. They were fat little buggers too. I have bad luck with petsmart oto's but hopefully these guys will make it.
as long as these go into a healthy tank i dont see why they wont make it, plus if they die go get your money back =)
Thanks for the heads up. I will check out my store.
I have a really nice LFS, so I haven't been to Petsmart for fish in years. So bummed...really all they had was a bunch of $1 plecos. Bought a scratch disc for my cat's toy to make the trip worth it. Oh well.
that sucks... your a little behind tho on the date lol you should ask them when they get their shipments in... and they usally get them in every week
My Petsmart also usually has different fish at $1, although this week there were no otos in the store. Was checking Petco also for otos - none - but they had a large # of black neons with a sticker of $2.49.

I had bought 5 about 2-3 months ago on a half price sale at $1.24, so decided to pick up 4 more to add to the group. When I got to checkout, found out they were only $1 each - good deal for these guys. Cashier told me it was a 5 for $5.00 promotion.
Yep I just picked up 5 cities (couple different varieties) & 7 more otos all for $1 each

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Tapatalk / texting typos... I meant to say o got cories

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