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1 or 2 plants? ID?

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I bought a few different plants at a LFS and one of them was Ambulia. Are the stringy shoots on the top part of this plant or is it a stow away?


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That's utricularia gibba and can become a pain if left in your tank.
Man and I was hoping for a nice stowaway! LOL
Thanks for the ID and info.
I had that thing about a month ago... I just pulled it off and so it did not grow back.
I'd love to have that as a stow away, just cause I'm a sucker for anything that can be called an oddity, even if its not really usable in a proper aquascape
Utricularia gibba can become invasive, every little piece that breaks off can start a new strand that branches out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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