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1 Gallon Filter

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Anyone got a suggestion for a small filter for a 1 gallon tank? I don't want to use a sponge filter or something big like a Red Sea Nano. I was thinking of just using an aerator that allows the bubbles to flow through a tube filled with gravel. I'm not too sure. I plan on keeping a few RCS in there.
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Toms Nano filter is my choice. I use them in two 2.5 tanks. Very effective and customizable media. Get mine at PetSmart...
I can't seem to find that online, but this looks pretty good too.
The Hagen elite mini will give your fish a tornado in that small of a tank. I had the flow on its lowest setting and it was too much for my 5.5. Now in my 10 I have it on at 1/4 flow and it is just right, with my HOB filter too.
how about an Azoo Palm?

Since you're keeping shrimps, you're going to have to put something on the intake to keep the babies safe,... A sponge pre-filter would be beneficial in slowing it down some too, as well as provide a surface for useful bioslime.
I can't seem to find that online, but this looks pretty good too.
That is the Toms filter I was talking about. Adjustable flow, really useful spraybar or adjustable head option, and sponge prefilter built in...
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