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1.9 Gallon Beta Planted

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Hi. I've just gotten into the groove of having a fish tank again and I got a 1.9 gal Beta tank. I've just set it up today.

It has 2 anubias plants in it and some medium-coarse sand. Also a DeepBlue Prosponge filter.

It's my daughter's tank, but I'm in charge of it (she just picks out the fish).

I'm going to wait until it cycles and see what else I can add to it.

The images are the only ones I have with any light.. I need to get a light for this tank. Right now there are only 2 anubias.. Any suggestions for a low level light? Maybe an LED?

Suggestions or comments are welcome!


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anubias is a very hardy and a slow groing plant. it looks like you planted the rhizome in the substrate which will cause it to die quickly. To prevent that, attatch it on to a piece of drift wood or a rock with fishing line. (heres a vid to help)

if you get too much light, it might burn the leaves of the plant so i would get a really weak light or maby not even get a light.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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