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1.5 gallon breeder tank?

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would this size tank be ok for breeding shrimp temporarily or a 5 gallon?
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What kind of shrimp? 1.5 seems a bit small to breed anything but opae ula. The 5 gallon if set up properly will be okay for most of the hardier species (and that is a relative term) like a lot of the neos.

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its possible but the smaller the tank the fast the water will go from good to bad.
I use 4G cubes for when i want to selectively breed specific shrimp and then put them back into general population after I see the female is berried.
i think i first would like to breed cherries and then move them out of the 5 gallon into my 10 gallons.
but i'm not sure what to do? i'm new at shrimp and don't know a lot? so what would be a good shrimp to start with. how should i set up the tank?(equipment?) and what else would help success?
neos or carids which is easier
i breed crs pretty well in a 1.5 gal cube. im one of the lucky ones that tends to do well with small nano tanks and shrimp. it is a bit harder to keep stable parameters in smaller tanks that is why most go with bigger volume of water.
Nice Wicca

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