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1-2 Gallon Walstad RCS Bowl, I have questions.

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I want to experiment with a small shrimp vase/bowl using Walstad method. I did a bit of reading but still have some concerns as I have never done anything outside of my one tank.

First question, from what I understand I would rare do wcs and it would mostly be top ups. I am assuming I would do this the same way as a normal tank wc with treated water that is matched for temp. right?

When I first start can I just use water from my tank? Or should I just use treated tap water? Would this jar cycle? I can't imagine it would, from the reading it seems like the plants use up the toxins and the shrimp / snails would feed the plants.

So does that mean I can plant it and put shrimp and snails in right away? or should I do just plants for a while to let the plants establish themselves?

How would I control / avoid algae? I am not to use ferts right? The idea is to have the plants use up everything and leave nothing for algae?

What else do i need to know before trying this? I don't want to just kill my shrimp or plants.

I wasn't going to use any of the following:
no light, no filter, no heater.

Just a bowl / vase / jar (i haven't picked it out yet) safe -t-sorb substrate (same as my tank) and a ton of plants (all clippings from my tank)

Livestock would be rcs, mts, ramshorn, and pond snails. I don't know how much of each. Any suggestions? Assume for 1g how much of each could I put? If I then end up with a larger 3-4g I would just do the multiplication and work it out that way.

I understand its all about balance but I really have no idea where to start. I am still trying to figure out the balancing act in my 75g. its going well but not perfect, yet ;)
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If I understand it correctly (and I'm pretty sure I don't), you are missing 2 things. You need soil under the substrate, and light. Then you put in fast growing plants and they use up the ammonia/nitrite rather than using a filter to convert it to nitrate. But, I think you are supposed to use soil and light to get that fast nitrogen consumption.
Safe t sorb is inert so I guess the soil is to add nutrients? If so it would only last so long before becoming inert like the safe t sorb. Light would be natural light from window.
I started a 1.5g vase with Miracle grow organic potting mix, bunch of bacopa, some water lettuce, and an hour later 10 RCS. Put it in the window and didn't lose one. Bred a couple times. No heater. Temp dropped down around 55 and up to 82 throughout the year. Changed water maybe twice in a year, the rest tops off.
Safe t sorb is inert so I guess the soil is to add nutrients? If so it would only last so long before becoming inert like the safe t sorb.
I have dirted 1.75g vase that's been set up for 11mo now and still going strong. One of my Vals is 30"+. There are members here with dirted tanks 4-5+yrs and counting with no additional ferts.
So do I need mcopm? Or will my clay substrate work?

If you vases do you ever have algae problems?
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