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1.0 ppm ammoina safe to add fish?

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So, as you may or may not know, I'm cycling one tank and I need to move livestock from the other now. The tank is "finished" cycling, as the nitrites are now at 0ppm. The aquasoil is the source of the ammonia. It's been in there for 3 weeks, so it should be done soon with leeching ammonia. The thing is, I want to add my fish now. Livestock is 9 rummynose, 3 honeycombs, and 4-6 otos. The thing is, I will be moving plants (but slow growers) and the HoB with established bacteria and 2x the flow as the one on the cycling tank now. I think that should absorb at least the ammonia they produce. Will ammonia at 1.0ppm sress/harm my fish? Or should I just wait until the ammonia is gone?
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I vote for waiting until the ammonia is gone. It's better to be safe.
1.0ppm ammonia could kill those fish before it's gone. If the tank really is done cycling, then it should only be a little while before the ammonia is gone, as you mentioned that the aquasoil should almost be done leeching. If that's the case, why rush? Is there some other reason that you aren't mentioning?
1.0ppm of ammonia will kill them. I wouldn't risk it.
Do not expose fish to 1 ppm ammonia.
Even if the pH is low, and most of the ammonia is in the form of ammonium, I still would not risk it.

Wait it out. Probably only going to be another week or two. In the mean time the nitrifying bacteria in the new set up will be growing to a larger population, and other beneficial microorganisms will continue to get established. Overall, waiting is paying a lot of dividends.
1 ppm ammonia is excessive.

Are you saying that the tank you think is cycled has no nitrites but 1ppm ammomia?

Even trying to fast cycle a tank, you are trying to move way too many fish at one time.
0.0ppm is the best, id vote no fish until zero
I guess I'll wait. I'd die if my honeycombs did. :)
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