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Hi All,

I have some hand made 316 stainless steel filter guards!!!
Protect you shirmp babies and fish babies from getting sucked into your filter!!!

Mesh holes arent as small as a seller was selling before which made them get clogged every quickly and they arent as big as a few imported versions which as babies get sucked in.


SS - T-316 Stainless steel wire mesh ( higher level of corrosion resistance than that offered by T-304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh)

Rubber - Marine grade tubing (wont deteriorate)

Seam - Seam is folded into each other which takes a bit of time to get perfect. Folding the seam won't letting anything get sucked thru the seam part~!!!


22mm - $15

17mm - $10

16mm - $10

13mm - $8

9mm - $6

I can make custom sizes. Price of custom sizes will be price accordingly based off the prices above.


Starts at $2.50 USPS first class and up.
They will be shipped in a box, not a bubble mailer so they dont get crushed.

9mm - 13mm - 17mm

Tweezers are 5" long

Seam view (folded into each other, kind of hard to see)

Open end

Capped end


Remember they are all hand made and take time to make but also cant be all completly 100% exactly the same as pictured above. I will try my best to get them all to look the same.
Also please rinse them again in HOT water before using. I've already rinsed them once.

Sizes you pick/order is on you, I will test fit everyone I sell before shipping on the correct mm sizing tubes.

Filters I have are:

Eheim 2232, 2211, 2213, and 2215 = 13mm
Eheim 2217, 2026 = 16mm
Aquaclear 20, 30 = 17mm
RenaStar XP1 , XP3 = 22mm
Red Sea nano/Azoo palm = 13mm
Zoomed 501 = 9mm
Fluval 305

These can be combined with anything else I sell for shipping.
Plant packages:


5x Ludwigia repens x L. arcuata
5x Rotala Colorata
10x Rotala Green ' Narrow Leaf'
10x Heteranthera Zosterifolia (Stargrass)

25x Osmocote + Capsules

$25 shipped


10x Rotala Green ' Narrow Leaf'
10x Heteranthera Zosterifolia (Stargrass)

15x Osmocote + Capsules

$15 shipped


Well this is my list of plants I have for sale.

| Please private message to check availability of plants for sale |

*All discounts only apply if orders are over $15 before shipping*
*Must leave feedback when you receive your orders, thats how I keep tracking of your discounts*
*Discount only applys to plants*

2-5 repeated orders get 10% off order
6-10 repeated orders get 15% off order
11- + repeated orders get 20% off order

A few pictures of some of my tanks:


Acmella Repens - $3.50 per stem / 5 stems for $14

Alternanthera Reineckii 'rosaefolia' - $1.50 per stem / 5 for $6

Amannia Senegalensis - $2.25 per stem / 5 stems for $9

Anubias Nana 'Petite' - $5 per 6-8 leaves per rhizome

Anubias Nana - $6 per 6-8 leaves per rhizome

Anubias Nana 'Micro' - $8 per 6-8 leaves oer rhizmoe

Anubias Nana 'Gold' - $10 per 6-8 leaves per rhizome

Anubias Nana 'Snow White' - $80 per 5-6 leaves per rhizome

Bacopa sp. 'Colorata' - $1.25 per stem / 5 stems for $5

Bacopa Salzmannii - $2.00 per stem or 5 stems for $8

Blyxa Japonica - $1.25 per plant / 5 plants for $5

Bucephalandra Lamandau "Green" - $20 per plant

Bucephalandra "Belindae" - $35 each plant

Bucephalandra "Sintang" $35 each plant

Cabomba Caroliniana - $1.00 per stem / 5 stems for $4

Eichhornia Diversifolia - $1.25 per stem / 5 stems for $5

Erio sp. type 2 - $2.00 per stem / 5 stems for $8

Eriocaulon Japan - $30 per plant

Heteranthera Zosterifolia (Stargrass) - $1.00 per stem / 5 stems for $4

Hemianthus Glomeratus (baby tear) - .75 per stem / 5 stems for $3

Hornwort - $5 per half sandwhich bag

Hygrophila 'Tiger' - $1.00 per stem / 5 stems for $4

Hygrophila Brown - $8 per stem

Lobelia Cardinalis 'Dwarf' - $3 per plant

Ludwigia Arcuata - $1.25 per stem / 5 stems for $5

Ludwigia Atlantis - $8.00 per stem

Ludwigia "Red" Hybrid - $2.00 per stem / 5 stems for $8

Ludwigia Inclinata - $2.50 per stem / 5 stems for $10

Ludwigia Inclinata 'Curly' - $8.00 per stem

Ludwigia Inclinata Cuba - $4 per stem

Ludwigia Repens x L. arcuata - $1.00 per stem / 5 stems for $4

Ludwigia Repens - $1.00 per stem / 5 stems for $4

Ludwigia Red Palustris - $2.00 per stem / 5 stems for $8

Ludwigia Senegalensis - $3.00 per stem / 5 stems for $12

Micranthemum Umbrosum (Giant baby tear) - $.75 per stem / 5 stems for $3

Myriophyllum Aquaticum(Parrot feather) - $1.25 per stem / 5 stems for $5

Myriophyllum Mattogrossense - $1.25 per stem / 5 stems for $5

Myriophyllum Mattogrossense "Mini" - $2.00 per stem / 5 stems for $8

Myriophyllum Tuberculatum - $2.50 per stem / 5 stems for $10

Nesaea Crassicaulis (Red) - $5 per stem / 5 stems for $20

Nesaea Triflora - $2.00 per stem / 5 stems for $8

Nymphoides sp. 'Taiwan' (Taiwan Lilly) - $3 per plant with roots

Pogostemon Erectus - $1.50 per stem / 5 stems for $6

Proserpinaca Palustris - $2.00 per stem / 5 stems for $8

Penthorum Sedoides - $2 per stem / 5 stems for $8

Rotala Mini Butterfly - $2.50 per stem / 5 stems for $10

Rotala Bangladesh - $3.50 per stem /5 stems for $14

Rotala Rotundifolia - .75 per stem / 5 stems for $3

Rotala Colorata - $1.25 per stem / 5 stems for $5

Rotala 'Green' - $1.00 per stem / 5 stems for $4

Rotala Green ' Narrow Leaf' - $1.25 per stem / 5 stems for $5

Rotala Indica 'True' - $2.50 per stem / 5 stems for $10

Rotala Macranda 'Green' - $1.50 per stem / 5 stems for $6

Rotala Macranda Japan Red - $2.00 per stem / 5 stems for $8

Rotala Magenta (Rotala macrandra v. 'narrow leaf') - $2.00 per stem / 5 stems for $8

Rotala Mexicana 'Araguaia' - $1.50 per stem / 5 stems for $6

Rotala Pearl - $3 per stem / 5 stems for $12

Rotala sp. 'Yao Yai' - $1.50 per stem / 5 stems for $6

Rotala 'Sunset' - $8 per stem

Starougyne Repens 049 - $1.50 per stem / 5 stems for $6

Trithuria Sp. aka. Erio Blood Vomit - $35 per plant

Foreground Plants:

Echinodorus tenellus - .50 per node or $3 per 10 nodes

Hemianthus callitrichoides (HC or dwarf baby tear) - $5 per 1x1" patch or $10 per 2x2" patch

Hydrocotyle Sibthorpioides - $1 per 3 nodes / 10 nodes for $2.50

Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis (Micro Sword) - $5 per 1x1" patch or $10 per 2x2" patch

Lilaeopsis nova 'mini' (mini micro swrods) - $7 per 1x1" patch or $12 per 2x2" patch

Marsilea Quadrifolia - .75 per node or $10 for 20 nodes


Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green Gecko' - $2.25 per plant

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Red' - $2.25 per plant

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Brown' - $2.25 per plant

Cryptocoryne x willisii (C. lucens) - $3.00 per plant


Java fern - $2 per 2-3" rhizome

Windelov Java Fern - $3 per 2-3" long rhizome

Narrow Leaf Java Fern - $3 per 2-3" long rhizome

Needle Leaf Java Fern - $3 per 2-3" long rhizome

Philippine Java Fern - $7 for 3-4" long Rhizome

Trident Java Fern - $4 per 2-3" long rhizome


Green carpet moss - 1.5"x1.5" on ss mesh - $8 each

Nano Marimo balls (moss balls 1-1.25") - $2.50 each / 5 for $10 / 10 for $17

Marimo ball (3-5") - $6

Dwarf ricca - $8 per 2x2 patch or $10 per 2x2 on ss mesh

Ricca - $3 per 2x2" patch or $5 per 2x2 SS mesh square

Java Moss - $5 per golfball or $10 per tennis ball or $4 per 2x2 SS mesh square

Flame Moss - $8 per golfball or $7 per 2x2 SS mesh square

Fissiden - $15 per golfball or $10 per 2x2 SS mesh square

Mini Fissiden - $12 per 2x2 SS mesh square

Notocyphus lutescens (NL) Moss - $15 per 2x2 SS mesh

Peacock Moss - $7 per golfball or $7 per 2x2 SS mesh

Round Pellia - $5 per golfball or $4 per 2x2 SS mesh square

Mini Pellia - $15 per 2x2 SS mesh square

Mini X-mas Moss - $10 per golfball or $9 per 2x2 SS mesh

X-mas moss - $7 per golfball or $6 per 2x2 SS mesh

Rose Moss - $15 per 2x2 SS mesh

Mini Rose Moss - $15 per 2x2 SS mesh

Singapore Moss - $8 per golfball or $7 per 2x2 SS mesh

Tawian Moss - $7 per golfball or $6 per 2x2 SS mesh

Weeping Moss - $10 per golfball or $7 per 2x2 SS mesh

Willow Moss (Large form) - $8 per golfball or $7 per 2x2 SS mesh

Floating Plants:

Amazon frogbit floater - $3 per half sandwich bag

Hygroryza aristata - $1.25 per stem / 5 stems for $5

Dwarf Water Lettuce - $3 per 10+ plantlets

Water lettuce - $3 per 10+ plantlets


Shipping -
$7 small flat rate box
$12 medium flat rate box

I have heat packs/Coldpacks available for $2
And insulated boxes.


Osmocote Plus Capsules

'00' sized capsules
-Vegetarian capsules
-Kosher certified
-Halal certified and inspected

25 - $5
50 - $8
75 - $11
100 - $14
200 - $22
300 - $29


Iron Enriched Clay balls


Natural red clay
13% Iron chlelate
Osmocote plus

Rolled into pea size balls and then air dried.


20 - $5
40 - $8
100 - $15
200 - $20

How to use:

I've place them under deep into the subtrate under heavy iron root feeders
Place them about 6-7" apart deep into the substrate.


BorneoWild Shrimp:

Shrimp Foods

40g bottle - $14.00
20g bottle - $8.00

Grow is a complete shrimp diet rich in Phospholipids, various vitamins and chlorella that increases stress tolerance, promotes growth and stimulates moulting. It also contains SG (Shrimp Guard) which improves resistance to infectious disorder. It does not cloud the water.

40g bottle - $14.00
20g bottle - $8.00

Spinach is a healthy diet made from organic spinach, rich in Iron, Calcium, Vitamin (A,C,K), folic acid, carotenoids, Lutein, other minerals and amino acids. The high content of Chlorophyll aids in digestion and antioxidants help improve immunity. It does not cloud the water.

50g bottle - $12.00
20g bottle - $7.00

Color is an organic shrimp diet rich in various types of essential minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, amino acids, nucleic acid, cysteine peptide and spirulina. It enhances the color and strengthens the outer
shell of shrimps. It does not cloud water.

50g bottle - $12.00

Frenzy is a tasty treat made from natural and organic raw material that is simply irresistible to shrimp. Use it as supplementary bits two to three times week or feed together with staple recipe that you wish the shrimp to acquire a taste for.

40g bottle - $7.00

BARLEY is made from organic barley straw, humic acid and peat. It is a supplementary food for both fries and adult shrimps for promoting growth. Uneaten crumbs help improves bacterial activities, buffers pH and prevents development of black mold.

70g bottle - $12.00

Bebi is a nutritious diet specially formulated for new born and juvenile shrimps which at the same time, enhances the digestive system by activating the intestinal bacterial flora. It is also capable of maintaining and expediting the maturation of water by breaking down organic waste as well as supporting continual growth of beneficial bacterial, thus useful both as a water column and a substrate additive.

To feed, mix EBI BACTER - BEBI with water and pour directly into the tank. Please be sure to use tank or aged water for best effect.

To use as a shrimp substrate additive, simple sprinkle it over the bottom of the tank before overlaying with soil.

15g bottle - $10.00

Stout is a supplementary food made of various minerals, vitamin and micronutrients for shrimps that promotes strong and thick shell.

Composition: Astaxanthin, Shrimp and Crab meal, minerals

Shrimp Supplements

$10 per 100g rock/s

Reduces stress and improves water quality

MINEROCK is a rare natural mineral found only in Japan. It releases mineral gradually and improves water quality, as well as encourages activation and growth of bacteria in the water. It reduces stress on livestock and encourages proper molting and breeding. It also improves photosynthesis, semiconductor action, mildly increases GH/PH and ion exchange ratio.

Place in aquarium, filtration sump tank or use it as a tying media for plants.
Use 1 to 2 pieces for a 60cm tank.
Rinse lightly before use.

100g - $22

Reduces stress and improves water quality
Minerax is a natural mineral that improves water quality, as well as encourages activation and growth of bacteria in the water. Reduces stress as well as prevents sickness on shrimps and livestock. MINERAX can also be used as slow releasing base substrate mineral supplement in a shrimp or planted aquarium.

60g bottle - $18.00

Shield is a natural product that enhances growth, immunity and anti-disease ability, lowers death rate, and even controls white spot when used with fish. It absorbs toxins and waste such as HNO2, NH3/4, NO3, H2S, assimilating organic waste into micro-organism food, thus creating a balanced environment in high bio-load tank.

60g bottle - $14.00

Humic is an organic, granulated humus conditioner that buffers water at pH 6 - 6.5 and gH 3-4. It is ideal for improving activities, survival ratio and higher success rate of breeding in bee shrimps. It also serves as a source of nutrients for microbes, thus maintaining high and healthy levels of soil life. With its hormonal characteristics, plant growth and root development are also enhanced.

40ml bottle - $25.00

Dance is a highly concentrated Chitin-based additive made from 100% natural material that promotes breeding, moulting and growth in crystal shrimps. Use when observed slowing growth or decreased breeding rate.

30g bottle - $10.00

Vital is a unique proprietary blend of essential vitamins and supplements which are essential for healthy growth of fishes and shrimps. It activates enzymes in living organisms, reduces stress and also improves luster of scale and shell.

GH Up:
100g bottle - $10.00

Increases GH Safely and Removes Chlorine

GH UP is a mixture of balanced calcium and magnesium salts, natural zeolite and chlorine neutralizing agent designed to safely increase GH of water in a shrimp tank. It does not affect KH. A white haze may appear when added but will clear up within 30 minutes.

30g bottle - $20.00

Promotes Growth, Color and Moulting

VIGOR is a mixture of enzyme and chitosan which maintains water quality, promotes growth, coloration and moulting of juvenile and adult shrimps. You can observe that shrimps stop dying during unsuccessful molting. Vigor also helps in boosting plant growth in a planted tank.

15g bottle - $14.00

Promotes white stripes and thicker shell

White is a supplement of various minerals, vitamins and micronutrients for shrimp that promotes healthy white stripes, general color development and thickening of outer shell. Recommended to be used from young for proper development.

15g bottle - $14.00

Crimson enhances the redness of bee shrimps in a clear and striking fashion. GH and TDS are raised mildly when added.

Composition: Spirulina, Montmorillonite, minerals

Shrimp Net

300mm long (just under 12 inches)

The Ebi Net makes catching shrimps much easier and less stressful. The Ebi Net is a light weight and functional net specially designed for the selection and catching of small shrimps in a heavily loaded aquarium.

The squarish acrylic handle allows a firm, anti-slip grip that maximizes the ease of control of the net. The net is made of soft but durable material firmly secured to the handle with a stainless steel ring. The net stays erect in a funnel shape offering a minimum hassle netting experience. There is also no worries about shrimps entangling their legs or getting trapped.


CRS Specialty Food:
25g - $15

Mosura CRS Specialty Food is especially designed to enhance the color of crystal red, red bee and other algae eating shrimps. It is mainly plant based, mixed with a small portion of wholesome brackish water crustaceans. The high plant based content is responsible for enhancing the color of crystal red, red bee and other shrimps, while the animal content is necessary for growth and reproduction.

In the wild, algae eating shrimps include a small amount of animal matter in their diets. This animal content is obtained from fallen insects, dead larva and other dead aquatic livestock. Therefore we too, include a small, carefully calculated amount of animal content into Mosura CRS Specialty Food.

Mosura CRS Specialty Food is enriched with multivitamins (including stabilized vitamin C and E) and minerals which are essential to increase resistance to diseases.

25g - $18

Mosura Excel is formulated for fast growth and maturation of algae eating shrimp species like Crystal Red Shrimp and Red Bee Shrimps. It has a 50:50 ratio of animal to plant content.

Molting enhancer is added into Mosura Excel. This additive is very important, it prevents molting problems and result in faster growth rate.

It contains the wholesome goodness of seafood such as green lip mussel, squid derivatives and oysters. The plant content is made up of spirulina, kelp, terrestrial plants and their derivatives. These carefully selected ingredients provide essential nutrients like beta-carotene (important antioxidant), choline, phospholipids (e.g., phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylinositol), fatty acids, cholesterol, minerals like iodine, potassium, calcium, selenium and plant and animal proteins. Vitamin A & D, stablised form of Vitamin C & E and astaxatnthin are added together with Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids (ratio of 2:1). These nutrients have been found to be increase their resistance to diseases, fast growth and maturation of female shrimps.

Mosura Excel eliminates the need to use live food to promote the growth and maturing of females. In this way it avoids the parasites and diseases that may come with live food.


MOSURA SHRIMPTON is a artificial planktonic food suitable shrimps of all stages including shrimp larvae. It composes of high level of micro-encapsulated, spirulina, chlorella and other ingridents. The high stability micro-encapsulated food contains 12 amino acid and high unit of Vitamin C and E. Vitamins C prevent shrimp in shrimps and vitamin E can increase cellular metabolism, thus improve survival rate. Spirulina and chlorella contains high level of protein, minerals, cholorophyll, that promotes increases vatality and promote metabolism. Shrimpton has Unknown Growth Factor on shrimps and shrimplets.

Shrimpton eliminates the need to grow and harvest plankton for shrimps feeding.

It demystifies the need of brackish water to develop some species shrimp larvae in captivity. In most cases, shrimp larvae die in captivity because lack of minute size food. Shrimpton food sizes range from 8um to 200um which is an idea food size for all stage of shrimp larvae.

It is also an ideal food for fan or filter shrimps, Atyopsis species.

Tonic Pro:
20g - $30

Shrimps have an innate immune system that responds to infections, but their adaptive immune system is inadequate to handle most infections. Enhancing the immune system through nutrients and immunostimulants is important in improving host defense capabilities in shrimp. Probiotics (Mosura BT-9 and Bioplus) also plays an effective role in improving defense capabilities

Assa Aqua produces Tonics Pro which is an improved version over Shrimp Tonics, the new version is based entirely on plant ingredients. Shrimp Tonic contains high level of nutrients and immunostimulants which provide a general line of defense for shrimps by strengthen cell to increase resistance to virus and bacteria attack. Shrimp Tonic is able to increase vitality and help in the growth of shrimps and even fishes.

We strongly encourage the use of Mosura BT-9 with Tonic Pro to provide 2 lines of shrimps immunity.

Tonic Pro is a food supplement, we advise to feed with this about 3 times per week in small amount.

To improve health of shrimps in problematic tanks, use Mosura BT-9 to improve the water quality together with water changes, then feed with Tonic Pro.

Feed 3 times a week

20g - $24

Mosura BT-9 is a powerful multipurpose bacteria culture that is specially cultivated to be used in shrimp tanks. It consists of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. It purifies water by decomposing ammonia and nitrite. Leftover feed and organic matter are broken down so as to avoid sludge. Mosura BT-9 also lowers Biological Oxygen Demand (B.O.D) and increases dissolved oxygen. Most importantly, it replenishes beneficial bacteria lost due to environmental and tank water changes.

Old Sea Mud Powder:
60g - $12

Mosura Old Sea Mud Powder is a safe and natural product which enhances water quality, replenishes and enhances minerals and trace elements in your tank water that has been depleted, either by your local utilities, water changes or by excessive filteration, and remove certain harmful substance like decomposed organic carbon, amines and glysxerols from your water, itis also capable of removing heavy metals, free radicals and pesticides in the water.

Use of Old Sea Mud is very popular in Japan, and almost all pro shrimp keepers use them.

We select high quality mineral rock to be used in our breeding tank and that explains why Mosura Old Sea Mud Powder contains very high portion of trace element, that is close to 3% by weight and close to 70 different trace minerals and compounds have been identified, making it very suitable to remineralize your tank.

30g - $15

Mosura Rich Water is a biochemical fluvic acid that is specially cultured through biological treatment and bio-fermentation to achieve a product of very high biological activity for aquatic use. It is rich in amino acid, vitamins, microelements, surface activant, nucleic acid, polysaccharide and biologically active acid and unknown growth factor.

Mosura Rich Water:
- Creates an ecological balance in a tank
- Promotes growth of plankton (an additional microscopic food source for shrimps )
- Reduces the adverse effects of ammonia and nitrite
- Reduces shrimp stress and enhances immunity
- Increases vitality, metabolism and improves breeding
- Prevents eutrophication
- Improves shrimp and plants growth
- Re-energizes old gravel/soil


Mosura TDS Up is formulated to increase TDS of water by restoring the minerals in water to be used in shrimp tank. It is does not increase GH (general hardness) and has slight acidic property which is highly suitable to be used in shrimp (crystal red shrimp, red bee shrimps, king kong shrimps, wine red shrimps and many other species except Sulawesi shrimp) tanks that are required to maintain in acidic water range.

This product is highly recommended to use concurrent with Mosura Mineral Plus to restore tap water, RO water and distilled water to a desired GH and TDS level.

PH Down:

Mosura pH Down lowers the pH of shrimp tanks by using ingredients which are gentle to shrimps.

After dosing Mosura pH Down, the pH level may rebound, in such cases, check and remove the source of alkalinity in your tank (e.g. some types of ceramics and decorative rocks).

35mL - $38

Mosura Eros contains a special blend of ingredients of non hormones that causes readied female shrimps berried by inducing molting safely. Molting is required for shrimp growth and for female shrimps to get fertilised. Mosura Eros acts as a unique growth and mating stimulant for this purpose.

We recommend the regular use of Mosura Eros to minimise molting problems in your shrimps. When this product is dosed it is normal for the shrimp to start to dance around the tank. They should settle down within half an hour or so. Over the next few days the shrimps will molt and healthy matured females will berry.

Mosura Eros also functions to normalise metabolism rate, inhibits fungus reproduction in the tank water and prevents enteritis in the shrimps.

It is recommended to use 5 spray applications (approx 1ml) of Eros per 50 litres of water initially. Spray Eros about 5cm above the water surface. If the shrimps do not start react by dancing around the tank, add another 3 to 5 spray applications per 50 litres until the shrimp start to dance.

Use this product every 10 to 14 days alone or in conjunction with Mosura Gravidas to optimize your breeding program.

Shrimps in captivity may not molt regularly due to non suitable or bad water condition, when the situation continues, their shells will be hardened, growth is retarded and breeding stops, further molting is impossible. Eros induces shrimps to molt and will not affect those are not ready to molt and thus eliminate the hardened shell problem and get females pregnant when ready.

Mineral Plus Ultra:
100ml - $17
250ml - $32

Mineral Plus Ultra is a concentrated version of Mineral Plus. Its concentration is double of Mineral Plus.

Crystal red shrimps and other shrimps display poor color in low mineral waters. High mortality rate for gestation female when they are in very soft water. Most of the shrimplets disappeared before they can reach 8mm in size. So you can see it is a very serious problem when an aquarium lack of minerals, in search of a solution that is easy to use and gentle, we created Mosura Mineral Plus.

MOSURA Mineral Plus Ultra also improves the colour of Crystal Red Shrimps and Red Bee Shrimps, in particular it intensifies the whiteness of the shrimps. This is achieved by providing the essential minerals that are lacking in our tap water. By providing a conducive environment for the shrimps, it allows them to build up their exoskeletons, thereby allowing for stronger and more vibrant colouration.

Our tests have also shown this product to increase the intensity of blue in blue tiger shrimps or golden eyes shrimps.

This products does not alter the pH and kH of your water, but will mildly alter the tank's GH value and increase TDS. MOSURA Mineral Plus can be used on an existing tank, added to a new tank or during every water change.

We use Mineral Plus Ultra to keep the TDS of our Red Bee Shrimps tank to be around 150ppm to 200ppm or GH from 3 to 5.

This product does not contain Calcium Phosphate or other Phosphate. Phosphate encourages the growth of algae. Algae can be detrimental to shrimps, for example, hair algae traps shrimps and causes them to death.


Hinomaru Bento:
40g - $20

"Hinomaru Bento” is a newly developed diet based on a essential nutrients required by crustaceans. It also increase immunity by improving the stress resistance.

"Hinomaru Bento” contains Phospholipid, which is a very important nutritional source for crustacean. It is an essential constituent for ovarian maturation and is known as the energy to utilize for growth induction and molting.

It also contains Animal cholesterol which crustacean cannot generate in the body and must ingest from outside. The ingestion of cholesterol allows a molting hormone secretion and generation of vitamin D6, which stimulate the ecdysis behavior. This product also contains mineral element such as calcium, which prevents molting failure by the effect of cholesterol and mineral. Our experimental test shows that no molting failure can be seen if no mineral additive agent is added to aquarium. What matter to fresh-water crustacean, are quantity of minerals retained in the body and cholesterol as a precursor of molting hormone. We consider underwater mineral is something extra..

Vitamin C & DHA are elements to be used significantly for crustacean. These are said to be effective for the tolerance of stress, especially for the heat tolerance. It is difficult for the crustacean living in water to ingest water-soluble vitamin C more than 90% of which shall be lost during heat procedure if added to the food. Furthermore, the vitamin C remaining in the diet will be lost with time (one month). As this product contains APM which is less susceptible to heat, vitamin C can be detained as much as possible in the food..

Chlorella is 1/100 size of spirulina, a natural food source that contains an unusually high amount of protein which microbes eat, "Hinomaru Bento" adopted "the fresh water chlorella" which was the best for "bee shrimp".

Another important ingredient is the SG (Shrimp Guard), which is a special supplement for crustacean developed by Kyushu Medical. This is a product aimed at improving resistance to crustecean infection.. Through our experimental tests carried out for all crustecean species, this product is proved to be effective for infectious disorder. However the mechanism on how the resistance improves are unexplained yet. Once this product was introduced, Shrimp Guard would lead to higher blood level for 5 to 7 days.

Available for crustacean such as bee shrimp, neocaridina denticuata and caridina japonica and shellfish such as ram’s horn.

Phospholipid, Animal cholesterol, Vitamin C & DHA, Fresh water chlorella, Shrimp Guard, etc.

☆ Feed within 4 months upon opening the packaging.
☆ Crush the grains into small pieces for smaller shrimps.
☆ Remove any residual food after feeding.
☆ Keep the product in a cool, dry and dark place.

50g - $20

EBITABREED Quatro II is based on the concept of “natural food” which consists of only natural materials and excludes all the chemical additives. We aimed at improving appetite with little influence of established knowledge in dietetics by keeping the minimum nutrition required for crustacean. Its composition is just the opposite to the Hinomaru Bentoh, with considerations that the nutrition required can be supplied by raw materials as much as possible.

The mineral of the natural raw materials origin is included in abundance. The color is improved and outer shell strengthened. With improved appetite, the frequency of feeding be increased. 13 kinds of minerals and vitamins, a dietary fiber, 18 kinds of amino acids, nucleic acid(DNA and RNA), cysteine peptide are included.

Spinach Tab:
40g - $20

EBITA BREED Spinach Tab is a bee-shrimp food newly developed using organic spinach that is highly packed with vitamins and minerals. Apart from high iron content, EBITA BREED Spinach Tab also contains abundance of Calcium, Vitamin A, C, K, folic acid and carotenoids Beta-Carotene and Lutein. The high content of Chlorophyll aids in the digestion of the shrimps. Bioflavonoid Quercetin that gives Spinach anti-oxidant properties in addition to its many other benefits, helps to improve immunity and reduces chances of diseases. In all, EBITA BREED Spinach Tab contains more than 25 kinds of nutrients, 18 kinds of amino acids, 10 kinds of vitamins and 13 kinds of minerals.

The main ingredient, Spinach powder, is made from organically grown crops which are free from agricultural chemicals. Boiling procedure during processing also reduces harmful impact from the Oxalic acid which makes it a healthy choice for the shrimps.

EBITA BREED Spinach Tab is healthy and well liked food for all crustacean, shellfishes, corydoras, pelco, otocinclus and all other herbivorous bottom feeders.

Instruction to use: Please feed only quantity that can be readily finished. Uneaten food should be removed due to its high nutritious content.
Please use within 6 months after opening.
Please keep it in dark, cool and dry place.

Shipping - approximately
$8 Priority
$4-$5 First class


Use them in your shrimp tank or whatever to keep your substrate clean from left over foods!!!!


Glass Pyrex/Corning Petri dishes
People who are unfamiliar with Pyrex/Corning, they make high quality glass items.

2 Sizes:


Bottom - 54mm x 15mm
Cover - 60mm x 13mm


$8 Each

2x for $14 - ($7 each)

4x for $24 - ($6 each)

No Name Brand Dishes:

2 Sizes:

Bottom - 58mm x 15.5mm
Cover - 64mm x 15mm

$7 Each

2x for $12 - ($6 each)

4x for $20 - ($5 each)

Need more? Let me know!

One free food sample with the purchase of a feeding dish order~!!!!! ( I pick though )

I can shipped either USPS first class or USPS Priority.
First class - $2-$4
Priority - $6

I'll try my best to package them w/o getting destroyed by USPS.
I have plenty of bubble wrap and will try to double box them also.


Here are some good comparison pictures on my iPhone, two quarters in one and a dime to show high.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Shrimp/Fish Food Sample Portions:

So after my RAOK, there was a lot of interest in the shrimp food sample portions.
So guess what they are now for sale.
I know a lot of people want to try out the high end shrimp/fish food, but arent willing to spend $10-$20 on shrimp/fish food and then have them not have any interest in it. Or you were like me who wanted to try them all!

All prices are Per Gram (unless noted):


Ei - $2.25

BorenoWild Fish:

Staple S - $1.00

Pro Grow - $1.00

Pro Color - $1.00

Spirulina - $1.25

BorenoWild Shrimp Food:

Grow - $1.50

Spinach - $1.50

Barley - $1.25

Color -$1.25

Frenzy - $1.25

Bebi - $1.25

Multipara - $2.00 NEW

BorenoWild Shrimp Additives:

Torque - $2.50 NEW

Shield - $1.25

GH Up - $1.25

Humic - $1.50

Minerax - $1.50

Vital - $1.75

Stout - $1.75

Vigor - $2.00

White - $2.00

Crimson - $2.00

ALSO: Shrimp Substrate Additive Packet
"Can be used as substrate additive to create a fast maturing and stable substrate system"

$15 a packet - Enough for a 20g


CRS Food - $2.00

Excel - $2.00


Baby food - $2.25

Golden Eye Food - $2.25

Golden Eye Mineral Food - $2.25

Red Bee Ambitious - $2.25

SP Food - $2.50

Kale Tablets - $2.00 (1g = 4 tablets)

Golden Food - $1.75

Minima Breeder Shirakura:

Ebi-dama (Shrimp ball) food - $1.75

Ebi-dama (Shrimp ball) SOFT food - $1.75

Ebi-dama (Shrimp ball) SPEICAL - $2.00

Baby shrimp food - $2.00

Ebita Breed:

Quatro 2 - $1.50

Red Bee shrimp food - $2.00


Max Breed - $2.00

Max Growth - $2.00

BioBalls - $2.00 per ball


Biomax #3 - $1.50

White pellet - $1.50


ADA Red Bee - $2.50

ShrimpLab Mochi - $2.00

Sera Shrimps Natural - $1.00

Fluval Shrimp Granules - $.75

__________________________________________________ __________

Buy $20 worth of food shipping is FREE

Shipping will be the same - $2-$3 first class or $6 priority

1-2 food sample can be mailed in a regular white envelope if you want~!!! - .50 cent


Stainless Steel Tweezers


6" - $3 each
8" - $5 each
10" - $7 each
12" - $10 each

Stainless Steel Scissors


7.5" - $11
5.5" - $6

Stainless Steel Forceps


12" - $13


12" - $13

Shipping shouldn't cost that much for first class.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Grade "A" Indian Almond Leaves (IAL)

Great for shrimp/fish tanks:

-Reduces PH from the tanning of the leaves
-Great source of food for shrimps and especially baby shrimps
-Promote shrimp & fish breeding
-Higher survival rates for shrimplets & fry

$9 for 20 pieces

Shipping - $3 and up for First class or $7 Priority mail


Stainless Steel Mesh T-316

I just got my order in on some T-316 Stainless steel mesh.
Little different then what I had before.
This time its a bit thinner, So shipping cost a bit cheaper for me and you because of the weight. AND it's much easier to cut~!!!

People use this ss mesh for tying down mosses, making moss walls, Filter guards and more~!!!

Some Facts:

T-316 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh has a higher level of corrosion resistance than that offered by T-304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh.

T-316 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is the preferred choice for corrosion resistance in marine applications. Other popular uses for T-316 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh include specific food processing, pharmaceutical, and filtering applications.


Wire Thickness - 0.018"
Hole Opening - 0.048"


2"x2" pieces - .60
2"x4" pieces - .85
4"x6" pieces - $3
6"x6" pieces - $4.50
6"x12" pieces - $7
12"x12" pieces - $12

I can also custom size it for your needs~!!


Trying to clear some room in the attic before winter comes
Here's a few random items I need gone!

1x BRAND NEW Up Aqua shrimp sand 4.4lb - $15 per bag

1x 2lbs of unused Akadama double red line substrate - $15

1x Brand New Fluval Ebi Light - $30

1x BRAND NEW Shrimplab Ebi Mochi 25g - $15 each
BRAND NEW Benibachi Golden GH UP - $25
Open but no used - Fluval Shrimp Safe Tap Water Conditioner 2oz - $2

BRAND NEW 22" 65 watt Coralife PC bulb - 10k - square pin - $25
BRAND NEW 16" 36 watt Coralife PC bulb - 10k - straigt pin - $20

2x Cholla wood about 6" long, straight - $3 each

EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner - Used once - $35

BRAND NEW Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter - $20

Fluval EDGE Fish Net - $8

Private Message me to place an order or if you have any questions~!!!
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