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    I have been having issues with my Nymphaea zenkeri waterlily recently. It lost the majority of its older leaves (they just sort of melted away over time) to what I assume was too low pH (5.5). Also, light was less than perfect (approx 50 par; dirt tank). Yesterday, I saw it floating at the...
    I'm seeing Ebay sells them from UK and Malaysia, but am not sure about doing business across the pond. If you have some bulbs to sell, let me know. I am interested in buying.
  3. Plants So, when I revamped my tank a few weeks ago, I got a new tiger lotus to add to my old one. My old tiger had been small all along and I suspected it's due to my water perimeter, but since it still...
  4. Plants
    Hello, I have a nymphaea lotus zenkeri for 7 months and I just noticed that it is developing a flower. I measured it and it’s growing pretty fast, about 2cm per day. I estimate that in 7 days it will reach the surface. I have an open top tank with lights (3x39W) at 15 cm distance from the water...
1-4 of 4 Results