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  1. Plants
    Hi everyone, I'm wondering why as my plants grow, the older growth turns dark brown but the new growth is light green. I want to reduce or eliminate the amount of dark brown growth from my plants. I am currently running a CO2 system at about 1.5 bps and I have a Beamworks DA FSPEC light 10000K...
  2. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    My girlfriend is enamored with the yellow neo shrimp, but from what I've read they're difficult to breed, very sensitive, and have low fertility compared to most other neo colors. Am I wrong about this? She's never kept shrimp before.
  3. Planted Nano Tanks
    Outside of an Amazon sword I have in my 29 gallon at home this is my first planted tank. It's now been set up on my desk at work for two weeks and I'm really enjoying having some fauna in the office. I started the setup about two months ago and had kept it at my house for setup and cycling...
  4. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Anubias is turning yellow from outer edges inward. 1 is tied to a branch and rock 1 is slightly under aquasoil 10gal tank Average Temp: 24-28C Light: Klarmax H36W x 1 on for 9hrs CO2: 3 bps (on timer with lights) Fert: 3ml of Tropica Aquacare Plant Nutrition liquid (only day 3 of use) 15%...
  5. Plants
    This Anubias var. nana is several years old and now lives in a 10 gal with a UGF. It was just an "extra" that I threw in for lack of space, and then suddenly the tank looked beautiful, so I nurtured it. Inhabitant: one goldfish who is fed liberally. Water changed enough to keep nitrates down...
  6. Plants
    Maybe someone can help me with my Val problem. They keep turning yellow and breaking off and eventually the entire stem dies. At first I thought it was not enough potassium, but I started dosing seachem Postassium and it's still happening. Do I need more nitrogen? I have no problem growing...
  7. California
    Does anyone know where I might be able to buy some of these? Online or locally in the LA area? Would love some for a planted nano tank. Thanks (:
  8. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I am interest raising yellow and dark green (india) shrimp colonies. Regarding yellow shrimps, I have noticed that the shades/intensity of yellow varies a lot from various pictures that I have seen. To achieve a intense yellow colony, do I need to cull the lighter colored yellow shrimps and...
  9. Plants
    Hey, I set up my first tank over the weekend. An assortment of big healthy plants... anubias, crypts, java fern, vallisneria, etc. It's only been a few days, and already the leaves on most of them are turning yellow and transparent. Very bad sign. The anubias looks OK, the crypts (wendtii)...
  10. Fish
    I have 5 fish in my tank that were given to me. I'm not sure what they are exactly, and would love to know! They are all between 1" - 1.5" long, yellow with black "splotches" on their sides, and a slight red tint to the fins.
  11. Planted Nano Tanks
    Well no major changes, just waiting and hoping that the hc will stay rooted and hopefully start spreading. Currently I have not started the weekly flourish supplement. For now i think the eco-complete should be good enough as far as nutrients, and i wont have to worry about algae. Im going to...
1-11 of 17 Results