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  1. DIY
    Has anyone ever successfully had a DIY CO2 setup for fairly long term? My tank is 29 gallons and I'm keen on setting up a DIY with yeast and sugar (maybe making it gel to last longer) to see how my plants do on it, but I'm also nervous as I know that this can be a finnicky setup. If I do it, I'd...
  2. DIY
    So this happened. Is that dead yeast at the bottom? Or is that normal?
  3. DIY
    Most dollar stores I've seen carry 3L bottles of soda for $1. Anyone here using that as a sugar source? I read a post somewhere about someone just dumping their yeast into these. I'm curious what effect the other ingredients have on the yeast.
  4. Equipment
    Hey Planted Tankers, So I thought I would start a thread concerning the significance of CO2 in a planted tank and my experience thus far as I am relatively new to this hobby. When I first began my planted tank, i decided to dose Flourish and Flourish Excel, a fertilizer and...
  5. DIY
    About 3 days ago I set up my first DIY C02 system, using an existing hagen c02 canister (which I lost the ladder for.. but I have an airstone now and a glass diffuser on the way). I've noticed that the output is.. kinda lacking. It's definitely working, but not very much. I get a very small...
  6. DIY
    Greetings, everybody. This is my first post here, and I make it because I feel compelled to share with you my good fortune in re-engineering the diy co2 yeast and sugar method. Maybe re-engineer is too strong a word, however I did modify the method to some measure of success. Let's get down to...
  7. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    The cat didn't do it. :icon_redf I have a primitive CO2 DIY system that has an airstone producing bubbles under the filter intake. Somehow the stone was clogged, and I had just recharged the bottle with new yeast and sugar. The pressure popped off the airstone, and the carbonated liquid acted...
1-7 of 7 Results