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  1. DIY
    I know the idea is to have a thicker medium that slows down the metabolism of the sugar, but I believe this first batch I made is too runny. Rather than going back to square one, can I just dump it in and cross my fingers?
  2. DIY
    Most dollar stores I've seen carry 3L bottles of soda for $1. Anyone here using that as a sugar source? I read a post somewhere about someone just dumping their yeast into these. I'm curious what effect the other ingredients have on the yeast.
  3. DIY
    The same problem arises over and over again when using a DIY Co2 type system. Trying to figure out a way to shut off the Co2 at night and accurately regulating the amount of Co2 coming from the system. I use a reservoir 2L bottle topped with a 3-way manifold to accomplish this. One opening is...
  4. Tank Journals
    This is my first planted tank, I plan on having the dwarf baby tears spread to give a carpet, the crypts in the backround and the anubias as a centerpiece plant. All the other plants (other than the java fern) I got for free since they hitch-hiked with the other plants. Stocking includes: 5...
1-4 of 4 Results