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wtb plants
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    Looking to buy Limnophila hippuridoides and Ludwigia palustris. Possibly Alternanthera reineckii as well. Any help would be great.
    WTB red jungle val Vallisneria americana var. Gigantea Marmor AKA Vallisneria gigantea Var Marmor) Also interested is java moss in bulk if you have it. Let me know if you have algae, snails, scuds, detrius worms, or other stuff. Don't mind these just want to know what is coming with plants to...
    I'm in need of bushy and dense plants that will make my tank's background look amazing and full: plants like Cabomba, Elodea, Hornwort, Limnophila, and/or Myriophyllum. If you also have some mid-ground tank plants like crypts, ludwigia, and hygrophilia hit me up with those too. If you've got...
    Hi! have a project I'm working on, would like to get my hands on a few fistfuls of anubias petites, everywhere local either doesn't carry it, has "forgotten" to place my order and left me waiting expectantly for weeks, and the big box stores have a small amount for a LOT of money...
    I really would like a good amount of s. Repens , the carpeting plant. My lfs don't carry good plants and the only place to buy plants can get them in . So if anyone is doing a trimming or just wanting to get rid of somelet me know. I'm very interested in them and how you grow them if u have them
    Looking for Lobelia Cardinalis small form plants or cuttings, must come from a tank grown fully submerged.
1-6 of 6 Results