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  1. Plants
    I didn't put this under algae since I don't know what it is....does anyone know? Why is my wisteria fuzzy?
  2. New Member Introductions
    I bought a wisteria pot the other day from a nursery and brought it home in my soft top car. It probably got a fair bit of wind at 30mph for half an hour and when I took it out, the leaves seemed a bit windblown (all pointing backwards like blow dried hair!) but otherwise it was ok. I took it...
  3. Plants
    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post and question! I have had a 55 gallon fish tank for about 3 years now. Never really had any real plants, but have always wanted to get into it. This last weekend, I finally took the plung and added organic potting soil with gravel over...
  4. Plants
    Hi, this picture probably doesn't show it very well, but the wistera in the middle of my tank is just a jungly mess of roots. Is there anything i can do to remedy this? Let the plant fill out? It's quite unattractive.
  5. Photography
    This is my 55 gallon tank after quite an extensive pruning. Let me know what you think!
  6. Algae
    I have some new watee wisteria I got from some indian man in my city. And I believe it has some black algae on it :angryfire I removed the worst leave but its coming back I dont know if this a type of algae or deficiency of my plant. I need to know what to do I dont want it spreading to my...
  7. Plants
    Any advice? From surface reading it seems that these guys can flourish in a toilet bowl so I was wondering how easy they really are? I needed a good filler for a corner of my tank that was lacking plants and it has worked out perfect. I'm currently low tech no CO2 and pretty basic lighting...
  8. Low Tech Forum
    Hey everyone im sort of new to the forum and i just wanted to share with you guys my 10 gallon planted community tank. The plants i have in here are anubias nana,Wisteria and el nino fern. In the tank my inhabitants are crayfish, ghost shrimp, a gourami, and some white clouds. theres also 2...
1-8 of 31 Results