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  1. Wisconsin
    The Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists (MAAH) is hosting its annual Spring Auction in a few weeks! /// MAAH SPRING 2012 AUCTION – MAY 19, 2012 Howard Johnson Hotel 3841 East Washington Ave. Madison, WI 53704 DOORS OPEN AT 9:00 AM – AUCTION STARTS AT 11:00 CASH or CHECK (with matching ID) ONLY…NO...
  2. Wisconsin
    Hey plant tank folks, I was in the stevens point area petco, and they just got in tiger, and zebra nerite snails for those of you who are interested. Also Otos, bristlenose plecos, and amano shrimp come in pretty regularly. So since i'm there quite a bit, if anybody is interested I just keep...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Just copied this off of another group I belong to, credit to Brian J. Torreano. Most of the list does not pertain to us but more info is better than no info. What I found interesting is the geographic bounderies for some of the banned plants ......... Huh? You mean I can grow them on this...
1-3 of 3 Results