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    Biggest portion of whatever moss you have (algae free, don't care about snails) for $20 shipped. Let me know what you're selling! Thanks! -Chase
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    I just rescaped my RCS tank and trimmed out a lot of willow moss. I am selling about a handful of very healthy Willow moss, algae free for $12 shipped via USPS Priority. This is one of the most beautiful and fastest growing moss I've had. For more information about this moss, you can visit...
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    10+ stems of Rotala sp. 'green' (I just lopped off the top so some will be short and some extra long since they started creeping but there is definitely more than 10 stems, I didn't bother to count) - $5 per portion, 1 available 7 stems of Rotala verticillaris (4+ inch stems) - $5 per portion...
1-3 of 3 Results