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willow moss

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    l prefer pictures demonstrating the mosses and how much for each portion. l have a 48g l need to fill with a lot of willow moss and so far l have none so send me a pm for those who have it! thanks. Updated 4/13 ok l'm good on weeping and bolbitis only thing left is willow
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    Fontinalis sp.(Willow moss) golfball size - Sold out Fissidens fontanus golfball size - Sold out Narrow/Needle leaf java fern 25+ leaves - Sold out I'll include a small portion of stringy moss with any order. Just let me know if you want it. Shipping is $6 for any amount. The Fontinalis sp...
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    I just rescaped my RCS tank and trimmed out a lot of willow moss. I am selling about a handful of very healthy Willow moss, algae free for $12 shipped via USPS Priority. This is one of the most beautiful and fastest growing moss I've had. For more information about this moss, you can visit...
1-3 of 3 Results