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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi All, Today I went to my local pet store and they had a very sorry little red tiger lotus at cost price, so I snatched that up! But the nice lady that served me threw in the bag a couple of other sorry specimens that would have just died in the sell tanks. But I have no idea what they are...
  2. Plants
    Could someone please help me identify these cryptocorynes. Thank you. The pale one in the middle of the black circle
  3. Plants
    This plant I just picked up tonight. Not sure what it is,,could be emersed form of a has a yellowish white tuber,with roots growing out of it..Purple along back-side of stems especially close to root stock... Thanks,Kevin
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion I got a piece of it when I was buying some plants. Can I grow a lot of it?
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I tend to always buy "bunched plants" when i buy plants, just because my LFS has a better variety of them compared to already rooted plants. Even though i hate them for the first week or so, the price and what they have tends to get me. My problem, being very new, i don't know aquatic plants...
  6. Plants
    Please help me identify this plant.
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Cool plant, what is it ?
  8. Plants
    I was gazing into my fishtank today when I saw something odd. It is a small green-bean shaped object that appears to be opening up. My aponogeton (I'm still not sure what species it is, it sprouted from one of those bulbs you get in random packs) had flowered a few weeks previously, and the...
  9. Plants
    Need these two ID'ed please! Thanks!
  10. General Planted Tank Discussion
    does anybody know what this is? I first bought these little guys in a bunch from the lfs MONTHS ago. I thought they were some small type of crypt, and planted them as such in a couple of my tanks (a high light and a low light). After all these months they haven't done much of anything. The...
  11. Plants
    Hi, have another plant with no ID.... THANKS JOTO
  12. Plants
    HI, can anyone tell me the name of this carpet plant? im starting to think that it is not aquatic and it looks like it came from some neighbors lawn :icon_eek: , but it has pennywort and asian ambulia all over the carpet, so its a little promising. thanks joto im a newbie, the info given by...
  13. Plants
    Picked these two up at a plant swap a few months ago. I have some suspicions but am not sure and hope someone would recognize them. Three photos but only two plants, the first #2 is a daughter of the larger second #2 photos which is two of the larger plants it came from. Thanks.
  14. Plants
    i dont know if this is needle leaf for narrow leaf and this one is foating bc it hasn't rooted yet
  15. Plants
    Can anyone ID this bright green plant that is coming up with the moss? It started about two months ago or so. These are the best pics that I can come up with my camera, so a WAG (wild ass guess) may be all that I can get from you. It seems to pearl quite a lot after water changes, it is sort of...
  16. Plants
    I received this plant a couple weeks ago and it seems to be thriving, but I have no idea what it is. It has a thick stalk like Pogostemon stellatus, but the leaves are very thin like needles.
  17. Plants
    The LFS didn't know what this was, but gave me some to try out. I'm pretty lame with plant id, any ideas? Thanks.
  18. Plants
    So... I'd recieved a small bag full of this plant from my girlfriend about three weeks ago. It was sold to her as 'water wisteria' which it is most definitely not as you can see from the pictures. The LFS was up to their usual antics, charging a random amount for a plant that is...
  19. Plants
    First off, the pics. I was at my LFS recently and saw some of this in the tank. I figured I'd try it out and see what it was. She doesn't usually sell things that aren't supposed to grow underwater, so I don't mind taking a chance. Besides, I've never seen anything like this before. Like I...
  20. Plants
    hey, i need some help identifying these stem plants U can see the smaller whiteish- green plant in the middle of the 2 maroon stem plants Is it Rotala rotundifolia?? Can u help me identify these 2 plants The reason being is i just got them in the mail, planted them along with a bunch of...
1-20 of 27 Results