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  1. Substrate
    I am going to be setting up a new 20 gallon long setup and I was considering ADA Amazonia for my substrate, but I am now unsure if it is going to be a good choice after reading some of the posts about aquasoil being messy and breaking down here on the forum. I dont want to use an expensive...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I found this and was wondering if it's safe for aquarium use. Thanks for your time.
  3. Substrate
    I'm trying to choose good substrate to use alone (not a layer under gravel). Has anyone had good experiences with using ADA substrate, Florite, Eco-complete, etc. alone? Any info would be great! Thanks.
  4. Plants
    Hi i have a few questions about planting hc emersed. 1. do you need to be adding excel?? or is the co2 in the air enough 2. should you keep your lights on longer (12 hours instead of 8) 3. when adding water, i heard that they can melt and die, how can i avoid this?
  5. Substrate
    Hey what kind of substrate would be nest for HC, flourite??? or some kind of mineralized soil. or sand. little help?
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey everyone, I acquired a tank and stand a couple of months ago and now am looking to set it up. The tank is around 48" x 18" x 24" (high). It has a built in overflow in one corner and plenty of space for a sump in the stand (no shelves). I'm really looking to go all out on this setup (well...
  7. Low Tech Forum
    I'm an unemployed full time student, and I was wondering about substrates. I'm sick of aquarium gravel, I'd like richer, earthier tones than the "natural looking" gravel. I was told to look into Amazonian Aquasoil, don't think I can afford it. I was told to look into Schultz Aquasoil, can't...
  8. Substrate
    Hey i have a 33G and i was wondering if i it would me ok to put some peatmoss under the flourite?? And Can i just have this or should it be combined with half sand??
  9. Substrate
    I'm about to setup a new tank, and it will be specifically for soft-water shrimp. Being that I live in central Florida, and my tap water is liquid limestone, I'm thinking I should add something to my substrate. I'll be using 3M Color Quartz (t grade), which I know is inert, so I was thinking...
  10. Substrate
    It's funny I've whined about not being able to find Aquasoil at a Home Depot in MO for years and then I go to the Columbia store today for dremel sanding drums and find three bags for $5.00 each on sale since the manager didn't know what to do with it before winter. - Brad
  11. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I'm new to the hobby of fish keeping: I have a single, artificially planted 10 gallon tank at the moment, and I'd like to set up my empty 29 gallon tank as a planted aquarium. I've been looking into it for the past couple of weeks, but there are still a few things I'm not clear about. I'll...
1-11 of 11 Results