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  1. Fish
    I don’t even know how to explain this but my two mollies are usually very active and very social with each other and with me. now they are both staying very low in the tank regularly resting on the bottom and one of them seems stiff (this one is worse than the other) they also don’t get excited...
  2. Algae
    Would love to know what I am dealing with before it becomes a real problem. I have a weird, almost jelly-like(?) green algae that is starting to show up in my HC carpet. As you will hopefully see in the pics, it isn't hair algae... but some sort of amorphous green fuzz filled with little...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have had 4 oto cats for about a week. I have them in the sump under my display tank. this morning I woke up, everything was fine. I get back from work today, There are only 3 otos... it's a barebottom sump with nothing but a return pump in it. could the oto have gotten killed by that? It...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So I put a picture of this in my album, I just noticed it tonight. It looks like gel with silver eggs in it? I'm really confused as to what it could be? I only have a tiny snail in my tank, still fiddling with ph and such so don't have any fish yet? Also I washed all plants off pretty good...
  5. -

    General Planted Tank Discussion
    I've been noticing these bubbles forming all along the waters edge of my tank a few hours after dosing one pump of Pfertz Micros. Has anyone else experienced this? Here is a picture:
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I cannot get a picture of this super tiny creature. But ill do my best to describe it. It is small as a pin point, brown, jumps about 2 inches, it stays above water on my amazon frogbit, and has two antennae. Thanks for any help IDing these bugs.
  7. The Lounge & Introductions
    I was really bored so I was browsing the internet and I found a phobia list. I found the phobia Ichthyophobia. I couldn't imagine a person with this phobia come to my house. Do any of you know anybody that fear fish? Do you have any weird phobias?
1-7 of 7 Results