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  1. Lighting
    My tank is a deep, tall 32 inch high, 21 inch long and 13 inch broad/wide one. It holds 143 liters or 38 gallons water. I use ADA Amazonia and riversand on either ends with glass marble divider in between. I diffuse DIY CO2 with a broom stick and every alternate day inject macro and DTPA ferts...
  2. Lighting
    In figuring out what u have (watts per liter/gallon). When u have multiple bulbs do u factor in each one or all as one? Is 2 - 20 watt bulbs counted as 40watts? Does the bulb being closer or further affect this? I don't even want to get into PAR maybe another time.
  3. Lighting
    Hello Everyone, I am relatively new to the planted tank and I have quite a challenge ahead of me. My tank is very unique 375 gallon with so many tannins it is tea colored after 24 hours after a near 100% water change. Dont worry no fish yet. But of course I have plants. Im starting to grow baby...
  4. Lighting
    Hi I have cycled and set up 55 gallon. It has about 15-20 fish in it. I have stock aquarium light in that is about 15 watts per bulb on two 24" hoods. I have five bleheris in it witch are doing says medium light so I think its about .six watts per gallon I don't think that is enough to...
1-4 of 4 Results