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  1. Oregon
    I love The Wet Spot. It's a great store with a great selection of everything I need and I'm lucky to live close to it. But I want to know what else is out there. I've been to World of Wet Pets, Tropical Hut on Division, and to Pets On Broadway. Have any of the rest of you taken a shine to...
  2. Washington
    Hopefully by this Friday at Midway Tropical Fish & Pets in Des Moines, we shall have in at least 30 Assassin Snails, make sure to call in early Thursday or Friday we hope the shipment won't be delayed. Will post updates soon.
  3. Washington
    With the much obliged permission of KyleT I will post info on our store. For any one looking for a place to go, meets or gather with others, please come on in to Midway Tropical Pets and Fish located in Des Moines Washington on Pack Hwy, (24101 Pacific Highway South, Kent, WA 98032-5020) and our...
  4. Washington
    Hey yo, people in Washington, I went to Midway Tropical Fish and Pets in Des Moines, they have Red Streak Severums, Archer Fish and lots of other good stuff there and coming in, and they can take orders for stuff too. Over 150 and they have to take collateral "half up front" but still good...
  5. Washington
    I live in Tacoma, and the only place i know that has Teacup Stingrays "retic" is The Wildside Pets but they are $99. And the store I work for Midway Tropical Pets :D wont keep them in stock for me to choose from because of issues with holding them for ppl and them not wanting the rays afterward...
  6. Washington
    Hello there fellow Washingtonians, i can't seem to think of a place that would have Appistogramma near Federal Way. So could someone tell me where a good place might be to get a good selection of Appistogramma near Federal Way or even Seattle. Midway pets only has one pair of Cacatuoide from...
1-6 of 6 Results