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  1. Pennsylvania
    I'm looking to get into shrimp just for fun, not looking to be on the front lines or the morph market. So, nothing too $pendy. Caradina mostly Red/Black Bee, maybe some Orange or Yellow Neos. Does anyone know of any in the Harrisburg PA area? (Petco, nope - PetSmart, hell no!) Thanks, Mark
  2. California
    Hello, Looking to get back into the hobby and just picked up a 24 gallon cube off craigslist but I need a stand. This is a shot in the dark but does anyone have a stand they are looking to get rid of in our area? The stand would need to be at least 17" wide and 17" long... Thanks!!!
    Hey everyone! I've pm'ed a few sellers hoping to buy some red root floater and dwarf water lettuce, but my search came up empty handed. Dwl is not hard to come by, it seems, but rrf is quite a challenge. I'm located in Orange County if anyone is local. It's always nice to avoid shipping and...
    A small flat rate box, or 9x6x2" size usps box would travel for under 1lb postage If you have an aquarium to clear of surplus water lettuce, let me know your price Regards, andy
    A small flat rate box of itty bitty size water lettuce would be good to find pm or email: [email protected] Many thanks for looking Regards, andy
    Hello everyone! I need some smaller manzanita pieces for my nano tanks. Pretty much something that I can attach moss to and make a scape out of for a 3 gallon and 2.5 gallon. I would also appreciate if someone knew about some larger, thicker pieces that would go well within my 20 long...
    Hello, I am looking for Barclaya longifolia (Green Form) bulbs sprouted non sprouted, seeds Anything =) . if you know who sells this that I would like to buy from or if you have any extra or will have some seeds I would love to buy some. Thank you I am about ready to risk importing them :eek...
  8. Massachusetts
    Hey all, Currently have a "Whisker shrimp" who is looking like he is on his way out due to what has seemed like endless ich and velvet treatments. Notwithstanding, I am looking for some new shrimp. I would like so Fire Red, Red Cherry, or mandarin, possibly blue shrimp too. Located in...
1-8 of 9 Results