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    I'm looking for a small interesting piece of drift wood for a small 6 gal betta aquarium. I sadly don't have much selection at my local pet stores. PM me. Thanks
    Would like to buy these plants as a package deal for a brand new 75 gallon :smile2: -Amazon frogbit -Jungle val -Amazon sword -Java fern -S. Repens -hygrowphilia
    I had planned to buy Alternanthera reineckii (regular not mini) and Ludwigia sp. Red from a forum member but I've not thread from them in a few days so trying to find someone else who can sell me BOTH. I'm also looking for Echinodorus Parviflorus 'tropica' (I'd thought I bought this from...
    looking for a couple of stems, also looking for luwigia repens and/or ludwigia ovalis let me know what you have thanks
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    I live in an apartment and have no room to make my own mineralized topsoil, but I would love to get some for a 36 gallon corner tank (34"x24"x21"). Anybody still making mineralized topsoil kits? I'm willing to pay whatever is fair.
1-5 of 5 Results