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  1. Virginia
    There is a new type of Aquarium club in the Northern Virginia area- NORTHERN VIRGINIA FISH CLUB- The meetings are not based around lectures or auctions but instead organized around round table discussions. We all have things we want to talk about so why wait until the end of the meeting during...
  2. Virginia
    Hi, I am moving this year soon and need to rehome my 6 (i think) male guppies. They are about 8 month to a year old and have beautiful colors. 4 of them are fantail guppies with dark blue to orange hues. They feature a big fantail that most common petstore don't have (due to them being housed...
  3. Virginia
    Im looking for someone with Spixi Snails for sale in VA as they are illegal to ship over state lines.d I want these so I don't have to worry about hydra. Let Me Know!
  4. Virginia
    Just stopped by on my lunch break and they had a pretty good assortment. I was able to pick up 8 Galaxy Rasboras (Celestial Pearl Danio's) and they had a couple of German Rams, Discus, and Green Puffers as well. I can't find CPD's anywhere since they are too sensitive to keep in the larger fish...
  5. Virginia
    Hi, I'm starting up my planted tanks again, unfortunately I had to tear them down due to lack of funds and place to keep em, but I'm back! =P Anyway, I'm looking for anyone selling trimmings to well... pretty much anything... My main focus is HC, riccia, dwarf hairgrass for getting my iwagumi...
1-6 of 8 Results